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These products are scientifically formulated using organic, non organic dyes & Chemicals ingredients, If you have a sensitive skin, as with any cosmetic product, do a test patch (usually behind you ear) wait 24 hours. Body Art Quality Henna Powder (Certified organic) is manufacture by using Henna(lawsonia Inermis) Plant that grows in Hot, dry climates of Rajasthan, India. It’s a only 100% Natural Dye produce deep red Color to your hair without adding any other synthetic dyes, metallic salts, Copper, alum etc. Indigoferra Tinctoria Leaf Powder is also a natural dye (Indigoferra Tinctoria) that has a natural Blue dye. An original Blend of Indian Ethenic Ayurvedic Treatment for hair essential amino acid, minerals and vitamins, This 3 in 1 Blend produce beautiful natural color of Henna with Deep conditioning of organic herbs & also stop hair loss immediately after ist or IInd application, helps in growing new hair and adding the shine to the hair. It contains : lawsonia inermis (henna leaf), Embelica officinalis (amla), acacia concinna (shikkakai), sapindus trifoliatus (reetha), eclipta erecta (bringraj), Cyperus rotundus (nagar motha), Pinus maritime (algae Extract powder).
Natural Instant Ready Mix Henna paste Made Using Certified Organic henna Powder (Body Art Quality).
Hennacat™ strives to provide reliable information about henna and other herbal products based on experience and experimentation. This is the best substitute of nail polish as it is breathable, long lasting and no chipping. At Leezee’s Henna Art studio we always strive to create innovative products to make our customers happy and satisfied. Forget store bought runny and clogging henna cones, buy freshly homemade 100% ORGANIC henna paste prepared at Leezee’s studio. Every henna artist should have these glitter gel cones to show off her skills in henna artistry.This glitter gel is made with cosmetic gel which is 100% natural and safe for all skin types. Eucalyptus essential oil is great for Aromatherapy in your spa or home. It belongs to the “Terp” family of essential oils  that darkens the henna satin quickly.

This beautiful collection is wrapped in a lush green packaging with love for the beginners or hobbyist. Leezee’s fresh and pure henna powder imported from Rajasthan is the secret ingredient of our dark stained henna.This powder is specially double chiffon sifted to make a silky smooth henna paste without any clogging. This beautiful hand painted candle is great to use as a gift or just a decor item in your room.
These beautiful hand painted candles are great to use as a gift or just a decor item in your room.
If your not sensitive to synthetic dyes, dyes intermediates & acidic chemicals then wash your skin and go for it.
Its Leaves have a Red-Orange Dye Molecule Lawsone, Only 5 % Henna of total crop separated by Highly qualified & Experienced Staff Contains highest dye contents of Lawsone, is powdered & Finely sifted using Nylon Cloth Manually & Produce finest best quality BODY ART QUALITY HENNA POWDER. The Natural Dye Contents Penetrates and bind with hair keratin & Condition your hair naturally.
Formulated using pure ingredients in accurate composition, this offered range is highly effective when applied to the skin to enhance the effect naturally of Henna Tattoos . This instant ready mix henna paste is 100% natural and can be use for temporary Henna tattoos with shelf life of almost 6 months. It is a must have secret ingredient for dark henna stain.You can use it for massage and cosmetic production.
It is a must have secret ingredient for dark henna stain.You can use it for massage and cosmetic production . It includes five Leezee’s henna cones, five glitter cones (silver, gold, green, red, and blue) and one pack of gems. Further, use of pure Essential Oils ensures that the offered oil is entirely free of any sort of side effects.

It instantly release deep & dark color, this is processed using pure ingredients under hygienic conditions.
Or at least decorate it with henna ?? At Henna Sooq takes 15% off and our VIP repeat client receive an additional 10% off. This stain stays on your nails for months and never fades .In this picture I applied henna for nails 8 days ago and you can see my white nails are growing out but henna stain is still fresh.
The colors included are red, royal blue, black, sky blue, bronze, turquoise, shocking pink, gold, silver and green. Indigo molecules in the leaves of the plant contain the dye which oxidises to dark blue, It has the potential to turn hair from brown through to black when it goes over henna, In the range of natural dye colors, Organic indigo is one of the most 'fast' colours, and is certainly in this day and age one of the more popular colours in the world, highly appreciated for its ageing quality. Boasting 5 stars with over 300+ reviews tells us that there is 100% pure love for this organically certified henna powder.
Leezee’s Henna Art has a selection of hand decorated beeswax candles to offer a warm, beautiful and decorative glow to your home. It has been known to soothe and restore the most damaged hairs & Effective in promoting healing, and healthy hair. It covers each hair shaft and builds a protective layer that safeguards the strands from damage.
Contact us for details on our show room hours, for candles and Leezee’s Henna inspired art. For chemically treated hair it’s a miracleous conditioner which is also certified organic.

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