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You can get ready a simple henna hair pack by mixing henna (you would require about 100g of henna powder for chin duration hair) with sizzling drinking water (preferably distilled drinking water), adequate ample to form a clean paste with the regularity similar to that of toothpaste or delicate yogurt.
Leave this paste right away or at the very least 6-eight hrs and then utilize it generously on your hair.
It aids harmony the pH of the scalp, seals the cuticles, tends to make your hair thick, decreases dandruff, restricts premature graying of hair, stops hair slide by strengthening the roots, and promotes hair growth.
Henna has some undeniable benefits for hair, which is why so many people use it and love it. Go to any local health food store and you’ll see boxes and boxes of “natural” hair coloring products claiming to be 100% henna.
Cassia Obovata is often referred to as “neutral henna.” It is not henna and it does not alter the color of hair greatly, though it may give more golden tones with repeated applications.
I make my mix with water, green tea, some conditioner, castor oil, olive oil, and 2 tblsp of amla powder, which I apply immediately and leave on for 8-9 hours. I think there are many faithful henna users out there, so if you’re looking for stronger hair, def give it a go.
I use Hesh from an Indian shop that costs about ?1.50 for a 100g box and I buy a few at a time. For the mixing liquid, I always brew a tea made of hibiscus leaves (and sometimes Rooibos) a) for the extra red (reds if using rooibos too) and b) because hibiscus is conditioning and adds slip. I always make enough for 2 or 3 applications and freeze the leftovers in clean takeaway tubs. CON ALERT – I must remember to bring the henna out of the freezer if I want to use it the next day, however, if I do forget (once) I can just whip up a frest batch.
CON ALERT – I know it takes a dedicated 5-10 minutes of pure rinsing to get most of the henna off my hair.
I deep condition all day (if I washed the henna out in the morning) or all night (if I washed the henna out before bed) and baggy with the DC. Mixing and freezing the henna takes an extra 10 minutes, applying takes 10 minutes maybe, that rinsing and double co-wash takes ~6 minutes longer, so really all it takes is an extra half an hour?
I like it for my hair and would recommend it but ultimately your hair will tell you by how it feels & whether or it is right for you and your hair type. Also, unlike any of the other henna brands I tried, I didn’t need to DC 62581251481 times to keep my hair from turning into straw.
I’ve been toying with the idea of applying a henna treatment but I’m deathly afraid of losing my curl definition! I have been using Henna for the past year and it does a good job creating bold burgundy that shows mostly in the light, however I have a good amount of grey so the died grey strands pop, creating a nice affect. The second time I did it, about a week later, I used a different brand, that was supposed to be dark brown. I never expected to do anything to change the color of my hair, but did not like all of the gray hairs that kept cropping up, and the fact that my hair seemed to have lost its shine. Our Select Harvest™ Henna makes a great base for this color, while indigo and added herbs taper back the deepest red and leave a warm, auburn finish. By mixing extra natural conditioning agents (alma and shikakai), we can stabilize the red & brown pigment release to make a vibrant rusty-brown hue. For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page.
My hair feels amazing, I decided to use this product because I have gone shampoo and conditioner free for the passed year and I didn’t want to smear chemicals all over my head when I was feeling sassy and wanted a change (it would completely defeat the purpose of going shampoo free) so I tried this and it gives rich color and highlights, the only thing is that it is a lot darker than I expected.
Okay, first off my hair is naturally ashy blonde but I always thought I looked better with darker or red hair.
For as longs as I remember I’ve had scalp issues dandruff, itching, and greasy hair within 12 hours of washing. If you section your hair into small sections with sections on the back and each side and start with the back. Wait at least a few days before you bawl your eyes out because you hate the color and either shave it off or run the the salon for them to get rid of it. I am by far no expert so I suggest you talk to one if you have questions concerns or problems relating to henna before doing anything too drastic that can’t be undone. I used the proper temperature of water and made a paste that was about brownie batter consistency. I suppose it is mostly my fault because I did choose to apply this dye to my hair, and it did add more red.
I’ve been chemically dyeing my hair red for probably 20 years, and I HATE how fast the chemical color strips out of my grays around my face. My gray roots are a LOVELY shade of bright auburn, but it turned the rest of my hair a dark brown, almost black.
I ordered 4 packages of auburn in the Super bundle along with a single package of the ginger blonde. Until now, my hair stylist (a family friend of mine) hadn’t seen henna in a while, and I’m glad I could take my henna to her, because it definitely reduced the mess!! Wine red is the darkest red in our collection: even a shade or two darker than straight henna, few to no brown undertones, it’s pure deep red. The henna binds right to the hair shaft, and becomes one with your natural color and highlights.
Ingredients: natural henna, red clay, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds…(that’s it). I would say that my results were atypical only due to my combination of black roots, red middle and blondish ends….but I love it!
While dying hair with henna does take a lot more time than typical hair dye, I enjoyed the experience! To rinse, I put my head, upside down, under my bathtub faucet first before I tried to shower; I was able to get most of what was on the back of my head out that way, making the showering much easier! If you want incredible amazing hair that has a gorgeous color you can’t get anywhere else use this product.
Thank you Henna Color Lab for a product that I am so over the top happy exists on ALL levels of your company. I have been recently switching to all natural and cruelty-free stuff, and beginning to go vegan which is such a healthful way and shows compassion completely to animals (anything for them!), and I think it kind of starting with looking for an organic hair dye.
I had never used henna before and had long brown hair with gold highlights and some grays here and there.
I stopped using commercial hair dyes because I had a weird reaction–my tongue went numb when my hair got wet.
Despite the color fallout, I am back to order more–the quality and color is just that good. This was my first time dyeing and now that I know that henna is good for you hair, I’ll try gladly try more products from this site! I’ve been dying my hair red for many years and know how annoying the upkeep is and how quickly red will fade. Instead of mixing the henna with water, I too used a can of coconut milk and then water to achieve the texture as specified in the instructions. I have naturally medium to dark brown hair, with a couple of bleached tips from a dyed streak back when I had a pixie cut.
We tweaked our black formula (added in some additional henna and blended in some light reflective conditioners) to express a glorious dark chocolatey brown.
Getting the perfect dark brown is tricky, and using only natural ingredients makes it even more challenging. We found that tweaking a variation of our Natural Black formula (adding some additional henna and blending in some light reflective conditioners) we could get a glorious dark chocolatey brown. A strong rich brown sets the base while delicate walnut & coffee notes dance on the highlights. I bought Henna Color Lab’s dark brown henna because I wanted to dye my hair a little bit darker and have it still look natural.
Application was a little more complicated, but the smell at least was much more pleasant than the ammonia smell of chemical dyes (it reminded me a lot of cooked spinach). For everyone worrying about the actual process of applying the henna, it’s really not that hard.
I was very excited to discover henna this past year after dying my hair on and off the traditional route with harsh chemicals since my early teen years.
Hey Dara, Sometimes it may take a few applications for deepest color depth with the browns. There are so many rave reviews about the dark brown, but it did not work well for me at all. I tried the dark brown for the first time yesterday and I have to say that I am sold on this product. Let me start by saying that I wish they had emphasized the importance of aftercare when using this dye. Thank you for the good work your company is doing, quality, great shipping and a good product! It is recommended to use this henna hair remedy about once or two times a thirty day period. When acquiring this herb for hair masks, prefer to purchase physique art-quality henna powder.
Plus, you can put on an previous prolonged-sleeved shirt to avoid stains on your arms and shoulders.
For example, you may possibly include in henna an infusion of inexperienced walnut leaves boiled in water to get wealthy brown shades. To make the henna darker, insert vital oils this kind of as lavender oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and so on. Stronger Hair – The lawsone (dye) molecule penetrates the hair shaft, binding with the keratin in the hair. Smoother, Shinier Hair – Henna, as stated above, does coat the hair, but it is a permeable coating that does not lock moisture out. Application Process – Henna can be hard to apply evenly on your own, can be a huge mess, and is tiring on the arms and neck. Experimentation – To find your ideal mix, dye release time, application time, rinsing method, etc. Cost – Depending on your mix, how much hair you have and how often you henna, it may either be more or less expensive than chemical dyes. The Smell – Some people love it, some people hate it, but the smell of henna lingers in your hair for awhile after the application, often reviving when your hair is wet. Variable Color – Henna can and does shift in color depending on the light the hennaed hair is placed in.
Well, we know that henna only comes in red, so what gives with all the shades of brown and blonde and black? It has similar conditioning benefits as henna, but they are not permanent, and they disappear without reapplication.
I use black Henna al my life,but what I do I mix my Henna with olive oil or any oil and then I wet my hair and than apply the Henna to my hair. My hair is stronger, healthier, and thicker than ever, and I owe much of that to including henna in my regimen.
I make these extra really thick so I can add hot water to them after defrosting before application. It MUST be fully covered because if it dries into a crust, well… have fun washing it off!
I could probably skip this and the excessive rinsing because of the coconut oil (‘always!’ lol), but why test it?
If you are doing a one-step process and mixing the indigo with (pre-mixed) henna, then the salt is not needed. My husband googled it and found out that even though henna has been used for centuries in India and other places, there are elements of henna that are considered toxic and even carcinogenic. It makes my hair stronger, and I need this benefit because my hair is having lots of breakage.
It certainly was, and it turned my dark brown hair almost black, but it toned down the brassy red that showed up on my gray hairs. You may re-apply as often as needed, when new root growth is visible, or as it begins to fade. Once mixed, the two bold colors are resisted just enough by the added conditioners to bind at slightly different rates. I’ve been using the mahogany color for about a year now, and was basically happy with it. I am 30 years old and have been dying my hair since high school (just because I like change and also shiny, healthy looking hair). About 4 years ago I switched to sulfate free shampoos and the greasiness and most of the itching and dandruff went away. To make it darker I know all I have to do is another layer of henna and it will build up, which is another wonderful plus.

If you expect it to be EXACTLY the color it shows and are going to be an unhappy camper and complain you should just leave your hair alone.
Then twist all the hennaed parts into a dreadlock state doing it yourself is no problem at all. I didn’t want to try to do this myself so i took it to a professional to have her do the coloring. I have been dying my hair for almost ten years and the most recent bleaching, color oopsing left it with tons of split ends, unmanageable and a very awkward yellow blonde.(Also in the past my hair always grew fast and it literally stopped growing for like three months) The Auburn covered my hair perfectly and reinvigorated it with shine and thickness and by the third or fourth use my hair was growing fast again.
I also accept that henna is unpredictable in the way it reacts with every person’s hair color.
Lately I’ve been having a reaction to chemical dyes and went in search of a natural alternative.
Unfortunately, the only time i attempted to dye my hair with conventional chemical dyes, my hair became brittle and fell out. I had previously dyed it last month with the medium brown and loved it, but I’m now in the mood to add some red hues. I have nothing but good things to say about this product- I used 2 auburn for myself and my mum used an auburn mixed with the ginger blonde. Ive never dyed all of my hair before, but previously before I used the henna, I had light brown hair with blonde ombre tips.
Then the added herbs and natural treatments combine to darken down the shade by a couple notches and bring it to a dark passionate wine red. I was looking for a product that wasn’t going to be as damaging as store bought dyes while still giving me vivid color. I was looking to dye my hair but did not want to use chemical dye because I have dry hair and in the past, chemical dyes just made it worse.
My hair has grown to my shoulders now, and I wanted to find a natural way to color my hair as I am now nursing. I have long hair that goes about 2in and a half above my waist when I have it on my back and thought I would need 2 packs – however, after carefully separating my hair and making sure I have covered everything, I ended up throwing away about a pack of mixture. I have been dyeing my hair some shade of red since i was a sophomore, so it is a safe assumption that I love being a redhead. So I’m going to use my own gloves going forward but the cap was definitely good to have. I absolutely LOVE the color, and get lots of compliments…some from creepy old men who stalk me in the store to comment on my sassy shade, but hey.
When I schvitz during spin class, it looks like I’ve been hit with a bucket of rusty water. I was pleased that the henna came with gloves and a shower cap, although the cap was a bit thin.
The color turned out well on the lightened parts of my hair and it even left a reddish-purple sheen on the black parts. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair, plus it almost matches my ginger sibling’s natural red hair color! I dyed my hair two days ago, and the color showed up as a deep auburn with almost purplish burgundy undertones on the dark part of my hair! This color captures all the cool depth of the Natural Black, yet still warms the hair with its mocha rich browns.
For my second application I just did my roots and found separating my hair and using a natural bristle basting brush made things so much easier, just painted it on! I also wanted to add some moisture to my damaged hair, and as it had been previously dyed with traditional box dye, I needed something that was all herbal and wouldn’t react with the dye in my hair. I will say that the gloves that came with the kit tore pretty easily, but the staining on my hands scrubbed off easily. I had sort of a milk chocolate brown color with reddish tones in certain lighting and after application it came out a rich dark chocolate brown that is absolutely gorgeous.
This stuff was so great, I had an intense ombre prior to henna-ing, and the Dark Brown dye completely covered up any trace of ombre that I had. I studied up on the product and was confident in my order, so confident that I purchased an extra packet for root touch ups for later. The indigo can be slightly stubborn on some hair types (especially if the hair was previously chemically colored). I use henna die from another company but it always made my hair so brittle and dry, it did not cover my greys at all and it alway came out so orange so after searching online I came accross Henna color lab dark brown and decided to order it. I have been henna-ing on and off for about a year but when I decided to go back to school and stay on campus I was afraid that the henna would stain too many things so I went back to chemical hair dye. I was worried about my 5 month old highlighted hair strands picking up red tones which is something I did not want, however the color is beautiful and I am so happy with the results.
For usefulness, divide your hair in different sections and then apply the paste in each and every section and roll it up.
For example, you can make a combination of 4 teaspoons each of henna powder, yogurt, one particular tablespoon of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey.
Last but not least, implement this oil combined with lemon juice or yogurt, go away it for about an hour or two, and then wash it off.
This makes hair stronger, but also is one of the qualities that makes henna removal near impossible. Henna may fade a little after the first application, but after the second application fades very little.
It also has to be left on for a longer time than commercial chemical dyes (4-12 hours), so more time has to be slated for the process. On some colors of hair it may appear to brighten it, but you should count on any color you get with henna being darker than what is already on your head. If one wants to keep a lighter color, only the roots should be touched up, and repeated whole-head applications will progressively make the color less orange and more burgundy. Though that doesn’t factor in one very important thing… the price your hair pays on chemical dyes. Some herbs, such as ginger, can be added to shift the smell of the mix, but nothing will eliminate it entirely. Many natural hair colors are a blend of henna, cassia, indigo, and other color enhancing herbs.
It is called Mehandi because it is meant to be used for the body, so it is Body Art Quality and fine enough for me. I just want to know if it’s worth it before I drop that kind of money on a hair product.
No conditioner is added to the henna as the henna may not bind as well and that is what the indigo needs to really bind and color the hair. The first time I used indigo, I used very little salt and the color didn’t hold well for very long, especially on my gray hair (turned deep burgandy color). My whole process starts with freshly washed hair as I avoid shampoo for at least a week to give the henna and indigo a chance to set and oxidize.
Apparently the longterm use of henna in many parts of the world has led to henna beeing allowed in the US and Europe, decpite its toxic content.
I will continue to trim every 6-8 weeks and henna every 6-8 weeks as a colorant and as a conditioning, protien treatment.
Our Henna Maiden Hair & Eyebrow Dye is a gift from nature with 10 mixable shades to create an infinite range of colors .
And then you have the rich chocolate base, with the rusty auburn-red henna hugging the outside. I am so glad that I decided to purchase from henna color lab (instead of trying lush’s bars) because my hair turned out wonderfully perfect, and my curls couldn’t be happier! However, there is a lot of indigo in that mix, so my hair has been getting blacker and blacker.
I was hesitant to try this because I was fearful that the years of dying would turn it a funky orange (not what I wanted).
The color bleeding and fading I’m guessing is connected, once the bleeding stopped so did the fading. My hair is a natural light brown with red highlights that I had never dyed before in my twenty one years of life.
When buying this product remember that it is not an exact science and funny looking, cool toned red (cool is a description of shade of red). I had my hair chemically dyed a light auburn, so I went with the auburn, figuring better too dark than too light. Recently, I went vegan and in changing over my beauty products to cruelty-free options I learned that henna is vegan and all natural! Take the time to separate your hair into sections, ensure even coating and wipe off any dye that gets on your face, ears etc.
I have used henna before so I knew it would be rather messy, I put towels on EVERYTHING and therefore my bathroom is stainless. Well, the last time I found what I thought was the perfect box color for the vibrant red I wanting, it ended up turning my already red hair BLACK. So happy to have finally found a natural hair color that doesn’t make my hair orange but is a true red. Not only was I tired of the stylists never quite getting the color right, but I was tired of how expensive it was.
Since my natural hair is very dark, the dye came out pretty subtle, but definitely noticeable. The red is still rinsing out in the shower for me, as well , but I love the color so much that it really doesn’t bother me. It isn’t a huge difference from my natural hair color but i would definitely prefer this. Also, upon first rinsing my hair out and blow drying, I noticed the top of my head (the last section I did, because I followed the instructions) was way lighter than the back of my head.
I spent carful time making sure each section of hair was covered evenly by the henna mix and left it on for the full allotted time. I am a worrier so I had back up plans in case my hair turned out some crazy red color, but my hair is gorgeous – it is fuller and some of the wave and frizz was taken out. I love the amount that they put in each package, I have a little longer then BSL and I had more then enough product with the 2 packs, I was very happy about that.
I followed the directions exactly and left the dark brown henna dye on my hair for two hours, washed it out, blow dried and was blown away with how gorgeous the color was.
I love this color, it shows up quickly, and by the next day its almost at its full color ?? I will never stop using this product!
With the cuticle rough edges smoothed over, the hair feels smoother and the cuticle takes a lot less damage during combing and manipulation. It seems that wavies (s curls) are the most susceptible to this, though some curlies are as well. Many people find that they only need to do a full-length application one or two times, and the because henna doesn’t fade much, they can save a lot of cost by only redoing the roots. It comes in a block of six cubes which gives you 2-3 applications depending on the length of your hair so I found it to be good value for money.
Her hair is eczema free now, strong, thick, lush, and beautifully burgundy-hue-ish when the sun hits her off-black hair! I am no expert, so can’t say more about this, but it definitely made me think twice berore using henna on my daughters hair. Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours).
The color is beautiful, although mine ended up much darker than in the picture shown, so make sure you look at the color result chart before you pick your color. Due to the extra redness, I actually washed the original hair treatment out with conditioner, as advised, mixed with a nickel worth of shampoo, which lessened the red some what, and made it look more like this picture.
There is also something about the buildup of indigo that makes my over-40 hair dry and frizzy.
However, after i was rinsed and styled according to the instructions there was no color change :-(. At first I was very nervous to put it in my dreads, I was fearing that I was not going to be able to get all of the henna dye out, but it wasn’t all of that difficult.
I have been coloring my hair at home for over 20 years now, and have tried many products – I do not find the process of using henna more grueling than others ( when you have long hair like I do any product you apply takes time and patience ), the only thing different is how long you keep the mixture on. I have ordered some more and am so ecstatic I stumbled upon this little gem of a local business and its wonderful henna mix! I really like the undertone color, and on my bleached tips it’s a beautiful almost pomegranate red, and I hope the color builds even more with repeated applications.
Last time I dyed my hair, I used chemical dye, and spent weeks trying to make my hair feel like hair again instead of straw.
The day after application my hair had kind of a weird green tint to it and smelled strongly of grass and I didn’t notice my hair hair get any softer. The first time I used this product it was a bit messy but after i completed the back section I became a pro.

I can’t wait to see how the color develops over the next week, but I think I am already hooked on natural and not going back. I’ve been using henna for around 15 years, and I have been regularly using the Mahogany color of Henna Color Labs henna for the last year or so. My hair does not feel brittle and dry, as a matter of fact they are really smooth and soft. I washed it after 24 hours instead of waiting the full 48, and I used some anti-frizz cream (oil-based) the day after dying it. After several months of black hair dye my ends are fried and my hair color only looks shiny for a week,also I had terrible scabbing and itching on my scalp. The dark brown covered my highlights with a pretty brown color and my base is a darker brown, it took about 48 hours for the color to fully develop into a deep rich brown! It faded after my first shampooing and now is so silky, I might have to get product that makes it less so.
I have become good at applying it without making a mess, but my household complains about the smell.
Henna coats the hair shaft so it always looks natural and translucent, especially in the sun!
However, the original color is also very pretty and I would recommend this product to anyone!! I had a demarcation line between my old and new growth that was about three inches or maybe four inches. I have hair a few inches past my shoulders and I mixed half a pack of Auburn color with one pack of medium brown. The auburn has indigo in it so the more you use it the darker it gets, so I switched to the copper which is a little more orange, but nice too. I am now going to spend the remainder of my night Googling ways to remove henna in a timely fashion. Definitely going to experiment with some of their other colors this fall, namely the mahogany, and probably the wine red to add even MORE red goodness to the hair! My hair was dark brown so it made it a sort of dark auburn color in normal light, but in the sun, it’s a brilliant wine red.
It seems to have dried my hair out a bit, but that may be due to my use of clarifying shampoo before I applied the henna.
My hair is dark, dark brown nearly black and this henna hair dye worked perfectly with my hair. So after all of my research showing me that there wasn’t much of an option for my black hair if I was wanting red, I started to give up.
I used the Henna Hair treatment first, which according to my mom and sister made my hair feel SUPER soft and thick. My only gripe is that the red is still rinsing out in the shower and it’s been over a month since I colored. The change in color was subtle, which is fine, as I wasn’t looking for something dramatically darker. The only complaint of mine would be that the gloves were thin and tore very easily, I got henna all over my hands and they were pretty stained but it went away after a few days. When I conditioned it the next morning, the water turned kind of blue as it ran through my hair, but when my hair was dry and styled it was a beautiful chocolate brown and my hair is SUPER soft! I actually slept that night with the henna on my hair because I needed some serious conditioning. Unfortunately it faded rapidly over the period of two weeks, and when it did, showed unevenness of color. Also it did cover my greys a lot better then the one I used before, it is not perfect but it is more then I expected. Minor offenses, I thought., but the color started to fade almost immediately and after about a week and a half I could barely tell I had dyed it. With a saddened heart I cut off the hair I had been trying to grow out and went back to the internet for research. It becomes more flexible and durable as it oxidizes and cures–it is in fact a plant resin that is flexible and solvent enough to penetrate the hair at the cuticle, carrying pigment with it.
It makes my hair indestructable for a good month after though (I guess until the roots come in?) and I have no idea how since shedding comes from the scalp, but shedding is greatly reduced. The CON: It is far grainier than henna in its powdered form so requires a lot more rinsing.
For me its worth it, because I would not dare put color on my hair unless it was in top notch condition. The henna I was using (purchased elsewhere)turned my new growth a pretty medium to dark auburn, but the old damaged hair was a very bright coppery color. The auburn turned my medium dark brown hair a rich auburn with vibrant red hues in the sunlight. Applying the thick paste took about 20 minutes and I left it on for 2 hours for good measure. Gave a different brand of henna a try; after the first few days of traffic cone orange, it settled into an Lucielle Ball light red. I rinsed it for about a half an hour and conditioned it after I dyed it, and thought I had gotten most of it out. It was more the tone that changed; it went from a kind of mousy dark brown to a rich chocolate that I love. The next morning I woke up and rinsed the henna out of my hair which by the way took forever but it was sooooooo worth it. The second time I didn’t touch it with anything for 48 hours after dying it, and it turned out exactly the way it looks on the model. Henna will smooth split ends, protect from the elements and cleanse the scalp promoting hair growth. I tried the dark brown, and that didn’t seem to work on my hair at all (very poor gray coverage). The color looks even better than what I would pay in a salon; natural, glossy, and healthy looking.
I’m trying the medium brown this week cause I want to return to my natural color, and the henna treatments for the summer.
Instead of a natural looking auburn I now have an extremely unnatural cool red coloring to my hair. And NO burning feeling and stripping and headaches after using the chemical hair dye that I used before. I’m glad i did, because it turned out the most insane and vibrant shade of red, especially in the sun. My hair is about mid-back length and I’m glad I ordered two packages because I used every single bit.
However, today when I ran a bath, the first bath or shower since I had dyed it, it instantly turned my water a deep orange color. When I detangled and dried my hair, I noticed a deep chocolate brown color, a shine, and softer hair.
It looks like I paid a professional to dye my hair with multiple colors and had a treatment done; it looks awesome. I am extremely satisfied of this product and will surely become a very faithful customer of Henna color lab.
CON ALERT – it makes my already coarse sections too coarse, but makes my fine sections perfect.
Its been two years and now I know how to deal with my beautiful hair, but in the beginning I was lost! Henna colorlab is easy to use, inexpensive, has fast delivery and is really an all around great product. I will repeat again that I have never dyed my hair before and did not expect this result to be so far from what was advertised. Totally appreciated the tip of using conditioner because rinsing took a bit of time in the shower so halfway through, I used a bit of conditioner which made rinsing out the remaining paste so much easier. I then proceeded to shower it out for another half an hour and probably still didn’t get it all out.
My boyfriend did notice it right away, and my mother complimented me on the pretty reddish highlights that developed.
I noticed a week later when I washed my hair that my curl pattern loosened a little bit, which I didn’t mind at all because my hair is so thick and tightly coiled that a little loosenen will help my arms from burning while detangling.
It did however work as a good filler color as you need to replace the red when going from blonde to brown.
Somehow the smoothness and thickness combine to reduce SSKs too; it’s the only time I can wear a wash and go with no issues! Sally told me to be very careful because henna could be unpredictable and this auburn may turn out dark or not take depending on if my hair had hit the saturation point. Yes, the earthy smell and pasty application take some getting used to, but it’s so worth it! They also constantly have great deals-so much cheaper than salon or even drugstore hair dye and sooo much better for your hair. It smelt like a tea almost ?? after dying my dreads with the henna, my hair got redder throughout the next day. And, the more massaging the paste dye is going into the hair, the more the color really stands out.
I still looked pretty rooty, even though I had carefully massaged the henna down into my roots all over my crown and around my face. That said, I absolutely love this dye (and its lack of harmful chemicals), and now that I know how to make it stick, I plan to be a lifelong customer. I decided to give the auburn a try, because my demarcation line was getting really tacky, and I refuse to use anymore hair dye and chemicals. If you want a change go for Henna and don’t be scared by the clay, it’s kind of fun to think women have been doing this for thousands of years!
But I have transitioned my life over the past year and a half to using only natural products on my body and in my house and for my animals. I love black hair but I think I am not ready for the two step process so dark brown over my faded dull chemical black hair it is. Everything I use is sitting in my home or I buy it once a year – 2+ years (burdock and hibiscus). Our easy 1 Step method means no complicated mixing of multiple powders and herbs, we have created the perfect blend; you simply add water, mix and apply the dye! Auburn turns my gray hairs an Irish Setter red, and gives my dark brown (and indigo black) hair a reddish glow.
I just dyed my hair with the pure Henna yesterday to cover some spots I had initially missed. As soon as I got my product in the mail (which was speedy!) I mixed it up with some tap water and lemon juice that I popped in the microwave for about a minute until the powder was a pudding like consistency. HENNA MAIDEN Hair Dye kit includes 100 Grams of finely sifted organic Henna & herbs, gloves, hair cap and application instructions. We ship same day on orders placed Monday – Friday before 3pm Eastern (12pm Pacific) from our office and warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I parted and applied to my hair (thank you so much for the inclusion of gloves and a shower cap!
There is no hard line between the indigo dyed hair and the auburn colored roots, so the red seems to flow naturally into the brown and black. Two hours and some change later I went into the shower to rinse, again I was surprised at how easily this rinsed from my head I didn’t spend an hour fighting with it. If you have a lot of gray, I do warn you that your hair will be a whole lot redder than the example photos. It also rinsed very unusually cleanly for me, did not stain my skin anywhere, and did not give me any red highlights whatsoever.
After my hair dried it was this beautiful deep chocolate brown color, and it is so soft and shiny. If you have made it to the bottom of this review I guess what I am trying to say in summary is that you can have beautiful hair, this product is simple to use and all natural…as well as cost effective.
Also, for a few days after using, I do scratch my head more than normal and I pick up henna under my nails which makes them appear dirty… my own fault. It took about 5 shampoos to completely rinse the excess henna, and it took about four days for the color to develop completely.

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