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Anyway, I was skeptical about your henna products because I had tried Light Mountain Color the Gray about 10 years ago with unsatisfactory results (hence the return to chemical dyes). Thank you for your wonderful products and for alleviating my fears and answering my many questions.
God - how hard it is to photograph your own head, you will see I didn't do too good a job but you are welcome to these. I did not add anything but boiling water (henna), lukewarm water (indigo), both Brita filtered.
I have received the package today and tried the henna & indigo right away for the first time.
How to color and condition with rainbow henna, How to color and condition with rainbow henna.
I used to hendigo for many months and then switched to just henna only, as my hair was almost black. I also used henna first (for 1 year) then did indigo---made my hair a nice redish-brown--I like the color now and want to remain this color. Hennacat™ strives to provide reliable information about henna and other herbal products based on experience and experimentation. By Henna Cat On August 26, 2014 · 2 Comments If you love your natural curls but fancy a change without damaging your beautiful natural hair, henna can be the answer! Four  x 100g packets of hennacat premium organic rajasthani henna were mixed with cooled back tea to make a loose yoghurt consistency mix. She is delighted by the results – not just the colour, but the curl definition, amazing condition and shine. A few days back, Godrej Nupur sent over a super cute hamper to me and when I opened it I did a little happydance in my head!
I did not wan to try out different color for my hair so I decided to apply the black hair color so that it adds more shine to my already black hair. As the festive Chinese New Year draws upon us, everything turns a vague shade of red – from clothings in stores to makeup items even. Hi everyone!!Today, I have a few polishes to share with you from an indie brand called My Kinda Color. Pure henna leaves with a number of precious herbal ingredients make it a unique formulation for hair care. Mix approximately 2 cups SHAHAIR with 2 raw eggs, 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee and half cup yoghurt, into a paste of toothpaste consistency.

Results using the henna and indigo together were less satisfactory than using the 2-step method.
With the indigo, however, one must work rather quickly, because the colour sets so soon and becomes very dark after about 25 minutes.
It has been chemically coloured countless times and I've recently bleached it as well, but I hated the end result ! It did not really change the colour that much other than I had a lovely red glow in the sun. Mia contacted me to see whether I would be able to henna her hair as she wanted to try something different. Mia’s curls are so tight that we needed to make sure he paste was loose enough to penetrate between the hairs. Thank god, Godrej Nupur hair colorcan be conveniently mixed in a bowl and applied to the hair evenly.
Thanks to Godrej Nupur, I can now think of coloring my hair and next time, I will definitely try out the burgundy color!
It's been exactly 3 months since I cut my hair and made an update about it (I Cut My Hair!) and nearly a year ago since I posted my Hair Care Routine. I wrote you almost 3 months ago in a panic because I had suddenly developed an allergic sensitivity (itchy bumps on my neck and ears) to a hair dye I had been using for many years.
I couldn't bear the thought of going gray, but with some persistance I was very fortunate to discover your website. The 1-step method did not cover the gray as well for me, and the color also did not last as long (less than 2 weeks).
My hair feels soft and the henna and indigo are both easy to wash out (unlike the Light Mountain product). I used 150 grams of henna mixed with the advised volume of lemon juice and water and which I left standing overnight.
However, with this my hair turned more and more copper-orange as the natural white increased.
I'm attaching 2 photos - taken last weekend of how my hair looked after my last lot of colour and bleach, and how it now looks after henna and indigo. After brewing for an hour the paste was applied using a super cone.  We started with the roots and gradually worked down the hair shaft.
After application, I relaxed for 30 minutes, watched an episode of Modern Family, before finally washing it off with my regular shampoo.

It is the most thorough and consumer friendly website I've ever seen, and your customer service is outstanding.
In all fairness, I did not use as much henna or indigo when I used the 1-step method since the 2 ingredients were combined. I was unhappy with the colour, coverage on outgrows decreased, but I refused to turn to chemical hair dyes. My sisters and friends are all compliments and they find it hard to believe that no chemicals are involved.
While I'm a tiny bit disappointed that I couldn't get the bleached highlights to deepen completely to brown, I absolutely love the overall result ! As you all know that, I remain a little busy these days due to my internship, I hardly get time to go to the salon for pampering my skin and hair. Though I am afraid of experimenting with hair colors but when I read how Godrej Nupur hair colors have the goodness of coconut oil & henna, I went on to try it out. Since the hair color has coconut as one of its main ingredients, it had a coconut fragrance instead of artificial and strong fragrances that most hair colors contain. Black ages ago and still visible on the bottom 2 inches or so and a burgundy brown in September which had faded somewhat and my roots were showing through (and the dreaded greys!). I was a little scared as I'd only used my last colour and bleach about a month ago, but I was so fed up with my colour that I was prepared to try so I jumped right in and I love henna and indigo !
It has been months since I got a haircut and it is high time that I get a haircut again but again, due to time constraint I am managing with it somehow. The grey ones are a shade of red but I like this and there aren't what people would consider a lot (although I do!) Thank you, I will be ordering again soon.
I'm so grateful to you sabrina for introducing me to your product and for persuading me to give up on that chemical trash. The bleached bits went a bit yellowy with the henna, but then got tonded down somewhat with indigo and as for the rest of my hair I love the shine, the gloss, and the deep brown with red bits underneath. This is an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone even if you've just used chemical hair dyes or bleached your hair recently.

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