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Over the past couple of decades, henna use has gotten quite popular seemingly everywhere in the world. Henna lets the wearer show off some pretty incredible body art, which also happens to be temporary. In fact, before getting noticed and trendy in the West, it has been part of many age-old traditions in the East, having been in existence for over 5000 years.
Brides as well as many others, especially females, have worn it traditionally during times of great religious and cultural celebration.

It allows for unlimited creativity and expression, and the designs are often quite ornate, and extremely intricate. Throughout the whole henna-growing region it has been used as a blessing, and wearing it alone is reason enough to celebrate… it’s just that gorgeous! Festivals are an especially popular place for people to get inked with henna, and there are many who throw “henna parties” just for the chance to get decked out in it with their friends! Currently, there has been a trend among pregnant women to get very creative with the henna.

It is especially great for those who want to try out some body art, but aren’t up for committing to a tattoo.
During belly parties, blessingways, and baby showers certain women get their bellies decorated by their loved ones.

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