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Bridal Henna Artist brings you the traditional, ethnic and creatively appealing Indian art of Henna by its highly experienced Bridal Henna Artists to help you enjoy various moods of celebrations.
Bridal Henna Artist caters for all occasions like, Weddings,(Hair,Makeup and Hair) - Family or Corporate events, Company celebration days, Birthday Parties, Bridal showers, Henna tattoo parties, College events, Bar Mitzvah ,Baby shower parties, Fair, Fashion shows, face painting, candle décor as party favores, kids parties, wedding favores, full and partial designs and auspicious ceremonies and festivals to make it a memorable event. If you want to learn more about henna tattoos, an interview with an expert henna artist is an unbeatable way to gain knowledge and indispensable tips. Temporary tattoo designs are a popular body art style that allow freedom of expression without long term commitment. LoveToKnow (LTK): Could you tell us a bit about the tradition of henna and how it has transformed into a popular body art? FQ: Indian styles of henna are usually filled with lacy paisleys or flowers and everyday shapes from daily Indian life such as the mango and the peacock.
FQ: If you want to apply the henna yourself, you can purchase paste already made or mix it yourself.
After the paste is applied, leave the henna on the skin for four to six hours and scrape it off leaving the dyed skin. FQ: You can use a hand rolled cone, a jacquard applicator bottle or other bottle to apply henna. FQ: Get something you like whether it is flowers or skulls or geometric patterns, and put it on your ankle or up the leg.

Whether to celebrate a special occasion or rite of passage, the use of henna dye is quickly regaining in popularity. Inscriptions place henna in use in Syria as early as 2100 BCE and in the Greek Islands from around 1700 BCE.
Henna can be steamed on the skin to darken it, or it can be left on for different lengths of time to get darker and lighter stains. If you use 100% natural henna mixed with safe oils and lemon juice, there is little to no chance of an allergic reaction. However, it can last longer than that depending on several variables such as where the henna is placed on the body, how long the henna is on the skin, if the skin is clean, and if the essential oils and henna are good quality.
Arabic style is usually a large floral that will have more open space, and the designs will not have a motif like faces or peacocks. Henna Caravan sells henna ready to use inside applicator bottles and our Create kits let you mix your own. Henna has been applied with sticks, rolled into strings and pressed on the skin, taped areas or stencils and paintbrushes may also be used. It comes complete with everything you need to have a successful henna experience - bottles, premium henna, wonderful essential oils and all the tool and tips and patterns to get you started. If someone is on the fence but wants to experiment with their first henna design, what's your favorite placement and artwork style?

If you want more, just repeat the pattern, make three flowers instead of one, so it flows on the body. Learn more about the art form, artists, view the company's portfolio, or book an appointment.
If you suspect a henna allergy, please do not apply the henna and be sure to also test for citrus allergies. Henna was relatively unknown ten years ago, and it has become more popular with women here in California and around the world.
The hennatannic acid is a natural safe vegetable dye that bonds with the collagen in your skin cells and the keratin in the hair leaving a lovely color.
The art of henna is amazing, and now it can be embellished with jewels and glitter to make it sparkle and coordinate with your clothes. Women of all ages use henna for celebrations, and the art has improved and become more popular than ever before through word of mouth and the Internet.

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