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Aaron Hernandez is currently under investigation for his alleged performance enhancing tattoos. Aaron Hernandez is currently under review by the NFL rules committee for allegedly harnessing the power of his tattoos to perform better during prime time football games. When the league was approached for comment they had this to say about the situation, “The league is currently investigating to see if Mr. A real time photo of the tattoos providing super human strength and athletic capabilities to Aaron Hernandez. The leagues findings will be very interesting as it’s been well proven that Aaron has leveraged these tattoos for gain in other aspects of his life most notably his incredibly hot girlfriend which led to their recently delivered first child. Updates on this latest development will be made available as soon as they become available. This raises an obvious question for the NFL, which in recent years has begun probing touchdown celebrations and on-field celebrations for evidence of gang signs.¬† Did the league or the team ever check Hernandez’s tattoos to determine whether any of them reflect gang affiliation? So will the combine now include scanning of body art so that it can be run through facial recognition programming to see if there is a gang affiliation?
If the league is concerned about this, it should institute a gang-banger rule that bars them from participating the league.
Dude kills Odin, shoots another guy in the face, and the possible connection to TWO other murders.
With Hernandez’ reputation coming out of college, how did he NOT keep an eye on what he was doing, who he was hanging with? The Patriot’s Head of Security has some serious questions to answer, from Bob and Bill. He’s going to learn why the little gangstas walk around with their underpants hanging out.
He has a blood tattoo on hid hand, and it was fairly recent that he got that tattoo, atleast within the last 8 months because of a picture of him when his daughter was born clearly shows he didn’t have the tattoo at the time.

I hate when these types of things are bandied about among ppl who have no clue, but wanna seem like experts.
I’m actually impressed that the author, typically a hard core liberal, would allow that an invasion of privacy to check body art for gang affiliations is a good thing. If he wants to display gang affiliation, correction should not hide him under his bed like a little girl. So much so that there are reports coming out saying the league may hire tattoo artists to interpret players' personal body artwork. Hernandez's bod is covered in tats, and some feel a lot of them show gang affiliations, which has NFL executives extremely nervous, wondering if they may have a Hernandez-type on their team. Maybe what the NFL needs to do is not hire a tattoo artist, but hire better investigators and pay more attention to a players background. Tattoos aren't necessarily going to reveal whether or not a player is a good guy or a bad guy, but actually doing something obvious like paying attention to his background a little more closely -- instead of just his talent -- will.
Not sure exactly who has been hating on Aaron Hernandez, but maybe he is just a fan of NAS.
In this June 27, 2013, file photo, former New England Patriots NFL football tight end Aaron Hernandez stands during a bail hearing in Fall River Superior Court in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Bristol County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating Hernandez's case, confirmed that they did not find any gang affiliations with his tattoos.
Bruce Feldman, the CBS reporter, cited a 'longtime NFL personnel man' when he reported that teams may use police experts to review tattoos. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
News » Published months ago Aaron Hernandez case no longer looking like 'open and shut' case? This is much like previous years in which other teammates we’re found under investigation for performance enhancing facial hair.

This will present substantial issues for the New England Patriots as since his return from injury he’s been very productive for the offense and is much needed in the absence of Rob Gronkowski that suffered a serious forearm injury roughly one month ago. I saw that movie with The Rock and Xzibit where they were coaching the jail football team thing and ish got real when they started throwing up gang signs at each other in that one scene. I saw bits and pieces of his arraignment and they showed close-ups of his hands while he was gesturing (?) with them. If he were in that gang and it read just Blood it would be preceded by some type of Set proclamation, but even then that would be rare. So that would somewhat line up with the time line of the double homicide being an initiation.
No gang member would just tattoo Blood in their bloody, with out some set proclamation preceding it. An East Coast ‘Rican would almost certainly be hooked up with the Latin Kings or the Netas. Likewise, Hernandez has denied any involvement in street gangs.A¬†Feldman, the CBS reporter, cited a 'longtime NFL personnel man' when he reported that teams may use police experts to review tattoos. Such an inspection process would merely act as the collective criminalization and intimidation of people who are supposed to be your employees.'The NFL has not confirmed or denied Feldman's report. There’s also a pic of him dressed in a red t-shirt and a red Chicago Bulls hat throwing up blood signs. Most notably, Logan Mankins in which conclusive evidence could not be found but it is still widely speculated that it is in fact the source of his offensive line prowess.

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