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More formal styling, a long list of features but no more power for Holden's V8-powered performance hero. A show car with one-off metallic orange paint shows off the look of the new Holden VF Commodore SS-V. The SS-V misses out on much of the shiny chrome-look finishes of the Calais V; therea€™s no lower chrome door strip, for example, and the door handles are body coloured rather than chrome tinged.
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Chevrolet has been showcasing the vehicle in a tour of 20 US cities, with comforting results.
California, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan and North Carolina were among the states to request tender documents, according to Devereux. Holden's boss says GM knew it had a superior police car, proven by official comparative testing with police fleets. A A While therea€™s still elements of chrome on the new SS-V the more prominent black exterior finishes give the car a more sinister look.Gone is the large rear wing and in its place a small lip spoiler.

Feedback for both versions, the patrol vehicle and the plain detective car, was heart-warming.
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