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Brad Wilder tells Pret-a-Reporter that the 40-piece tattoo on Theo James' back required application by three people for three hours. One of the most memorable features from the film is Four's back tattoo, which makeup artist Brad Wilder says required the most attention from the makeup team. As to the inspiration behind the tattoos, seen mainly on the Dauntless members, Wilder notes that the idea came from director Neil Burger (Limitless) and production designer Andy Nicholson.
Kelly Osbourne's tattoo is sadly ridiculous, she could have checked the proper way of saying "i love you mommy" in French.

Britney is a great example of why you need to do your homework and double check the meanings of tattoos if you are going to get a symbol from another language or religion tattooed on you. The biggest Indian Fashion Blog covering wide range of topics Such as Fashion, Makeup, Beauty, Celebrities, Movies, TV Shows, Holidays, Festivals, Wallpapers etc. Luckily for Wilder and his team, Four doesn't take off his shirt too often in the film, so they only had to apply the tattoos about four times during the film.
The kanji that is in the center of the flower was intended to stand for mystery, but some people have pointed out that the meaning of her particular kanji actually stands for strange.

But there has been many reports claiming that the three symbols are out of order so her tattoo doesn’t really mean anything.
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