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Dark Horse Tattoos can be a little deceiving, for most might think of only a dark meaning associated with these horse tattoos. No matter if you choose the dark horse tattoo, the horse shoe tattoo, the blue horse tattoo, the iron horse tattoo, the tribal horse, war horse tattoos or any other type of horse; color will be a decision that will take some thought.
Horse tattoos are some of the most beautiful animal tattoos that are preferred by both men and women. Some people seek horse shoe tattoos for a symbolic meaning such as, a lone set of tracks, your choice of using the road less traveled or as a simple good luck charm. They not only serve as great decorative pieces, but also carry important symbolic meanings.
As a dark side idea, multiple serpent bodies and heads could create an opportunity for a great mane. As a good luck symbol, try using multiple horse shoes with the open end of the horse shoe up; so as not to lose any that good luck.

Now days, many people are adding colored ink to the background to add dimension to their body art. Historically, this animal has been regarded as important in many cultures of the world, from the Greeks and Arabians to the Native Americans. The tribal art patterns with their bold dark lines, circles and spirals lends itself perfectly to horse tattoos.
The horse is frequently associated with the qualities of independence, free-spiritedness, courage and strength, and the person having these qualities may like to express his personality by sporting these tattoos.
Horse tattoos are also linked with a number of other ideas, such as agility, elegance, beauty, passion, determination, loyalty and guidance.
Have fun with these types of horse tattoos; after all you’ve become the winner who was thought to be the loser.
Do you want a slogan under, over, around your iron horse?  Let’s see how they go: Live to Ride- Ride to Live, Ass, Cash or ?

These tattoos can be done in a number of styles, and both colored and black ink tattoos are in vogue. The tattoo may include the head or the upper body of the horse, or it may incorporate the full figure of the animal in standing or running positions. These horse tattoos are extremely popular and will continue to be so, because we will undoubtedly continue to love being in the wind. A number of other symbols such as flowers and good luck symbols like dices, horseshoes and four leaf clovers can also be added to horse tattoos.

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