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Kat Von D is trademark and full name is Katherine von Drachenberg, born March 8, 1982, is a Mexican-American tattoo artist, model and television personality.
Artwork by Timothy HoyerOver the years, when interviewing renowned tattooists about the greatest influences on their work, the name Eddy Deutsche is constantly being dropped.
I've been meaning to post this excellent Miami New Times article on Florida's tattoo laws sooner but my own legal work took over last week.
Apat Na Alon Tribe, a group made up of largely young Filipino-Americans seeking to revive the tattoo traditions of their ancestors. Horiyoshi III himself has personally reviewed and approved this release." The chapters are easy to navigate and images can be viewed in picture frame mode for a better look. Our friends over at Sullen Clothing are offering yet another chance to get tattooed for free.
Over at Last Sparrow Tattoo forum and gallery, there's a fabulous interview with the Henk Shiffmacher, aka Hanky Panky, conducted by Juan Puente, in which the Dutch tattoo legend discusses the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum and his vision for it as "Tattoo Disney Land Ikea" (he says laughing). Some of my favorite blog posts and videos document the creative process of large-scale tattoo projects by stellar tattooists, offering insight into the way an artist works as well as seeing a collector's body transform into awesomeness. Photo by Sukree Sukplang for ReutersThis past weekend, thousands of gathered at Wat Bang Phra temple (50 miles West of Bangkok) to honor the founders of the temple and "recharge" the magic of their tattoos, as reported by Reuters. To learn more about Sak Yant tattoos, see Father Panik's guest blog on his quest for the magic tattoos, and also our book review of "Sacred Skin: Thailand's Spirit Tattoos" by Tom Vater and Aroon Thaewehatturat. As March is National Women's History Month, we'll be doing even more profiles on female tattooers and collectors over the next few weeks.
Chicago tattoo artist Hannah Aitchison talks about starring in LA Ink, a reality show on TLC. LA Ink stars Kim Saigh (left) and Hannah Atchison“On the show, we’ve got three female tattoo artists, a female shop manager, and only one male artist. Cos specjalnego dla milosniczek tatuazy, tatuaze rekaw, czyli calkowite pokrycie reki tatuazami. For this series, they experimented with discharge paste (which removes colors from the textile) and different fabric combinations, including jersey, wool and silk. The story raises so many interesting issues on the regulation of the industry, which warrant serious discussion, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook group page or via Twitter.Reporter Chris Sweeney discusses the history and implementation of "The Practice of Tattooing," which went into effect January 1st.
I'm in favor of regulation if it is drafted based on recommendations from the tattoo industry, which this was. After posting articles like scannable barcode and augmented reality tattoos as well as numeric control tattoo machines, I'm guessing there are a bunch of people out there willing to try the tech and permanently keep their phones in vibrate mode. Easy  to use, you can scale and rotate the designs on a photo from your camera roll or take a new photo, and play around with flash of pin-ups, anchors, ships, hearts and many more iconic images. One of the founders of the Tribe, tattooist Elle Festin, opened Spiritual Journey Tattoo last year, which offers traditional, hand-poked Filipino tattoos in addition to being a full service studio of all tattoo genres. One project I've enjoyed recently is Luke Holley's video series on a backpiece created by Darcy Nutt of Chalice Tattoo in Boise, Idaho. Devotees believe that the sacred tattoos, Sak Yant, performed by monks in Thailand offer protection to the wearers and even bestow upon them magical powers.To maintain that magic, the tattooed must obey certain rules and abstain from lying, stealing, drinking and drug use, sexual misdeeds and killing.
While I'm not a big fan of people grabbing photos online to point and laugh at "bad" tattoos (and a couple of these tattoos are done really well), there was some creativity involved and a bunch made me giggle, like the contest winner's Lil Wayne entry as well as  #15 (shown above), #20, and #23. In each, the painted object or body is isolated against a black or white background and brightly lit.
For one, it is a further critique of the commercialization and commodification of art: removing ownership of an art object by one degree of separation is a satire on the concept of ownership. Crazy talk, especially from a person who has been mocking reality tattoo shows from Miami Ink to NY Ink and all those shirtless promos of Ami James in between. But even more interesting are the different factions of tattooers for and against enforcement of the law. But I feel that enforcement should be done systematically by health officials and not a tattoo witch hunt.
Haptics deal with appealing to your sense of touch by applying forces or vibrations to your skin. This time you can get up to five hours of work from black & grey specialist Big Gus over at their headquarters plus $500 worth of Sullen Clothing, a hotel for one night, and a feature on Sullen TV.
For me, the value of this day is the reminder and opportunity for reflection on the trials and triumphs of being a woman -- a tattooed woman.

But Kristel Oreto unabashedly deems her portfolio "bubble girlie style," and has a clientele of both men and women who come to her for work that is sugar and spice, and occasionally, a death metal skull.
Some elevate art as a vessel of spiritual nourishment, or value it as a medium for cultural and sociological commentary. Huang Yan writes in History of the Landscape, “the most authentic representation of the philosophy of the ancient Chinese literati is the classical landscape”[2].
Up close, tiny details in the landscape are visible: little houses dotted around the mountainsides, animals near streams and grazing in fields, meditating figures, peasants at work, and wrinkles in the skin upon which these scenes are painted. The result is one-of-a-kind artful apparel with a special feel to it for a visual and tactile experience. Chris begins the article by setting the scene of a scratcher, Louie, tattooing a howling woman in his apartment. There are also features that allow you to find an artist (which needs work) as well as a link to the Sailor Jerry Facebook page, but it's the Ink View that makes this app worth the download. Sweet!All you have to do is go to Sullen's Facebook page, become a fan by clicking Like, and then click the sweepstakes link. Since becoming visibly tattooed over the past decade, I've been quick to say, "My tattoos do not define me!" I believed them to be a small part of a small woman with a big mouth who likes to make grand proclamations.
This video will make you want to head to Amsterdam, straight to the museum, and maybe knock one back with Henk to hear more stories. Since that time, Luke has filmed all 12 sessions, which are available for viewing on his Vimeo page. Much of her fan base need not travel far as Kristel is a fixture on the tattoo convention circuit but you can find her full time at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but she continues to tattoo, four times a year, at Crimson Anchor studio in New Port Richey, Florida, which is owned by her husband Joe Tattoo. The landscape itself comes to symbolize ancient and the intellectual values of the erudite class. It is not important to have the actual thing itself; to have a symbol of that thing is enough. Some of the designs were also printed on paper for an exhibit planned over the next couple of years. The woman's boyfriend had just gotten tattooed as well and is sleeping off the pain under a SpongeBob blanket. Anyone looking to make extra money on the side can find a way to do it, not just the artist who truly wants to tattoo but can't find an apprenticeship.  So what do you think?
They can also be emailed, which could be handy if you want to give your tattooist some ideas for your next work (for inspiration, not copying of course).
The whole "tattoo as a lifestyle" rhetoric never really sat well with me, largely because I felt it could further marginalize heavy collectors, who may not want to be viewed as just part of a subculture.
For those with attention deficit disorder, Luke has also created a video that shows the whole transformation under four minutes, which we've posted below. Second, I find myself talking about horror movies, metal shows, muscle cars, and stuff, so I have very little ability to talk to women about the usual girly subjects.
While these views on art are almost commonplace, rare is the artist who can successfully appeal to all of these perspectives through a balance of his artistic work and commercial approach.
Painting these landscapes on his body or on objects of modern culture then becomes an avant-garde revisionist exercise of rebirthing a traditional art form in a modern context.
While the artists say the collaboration was largely sparked by the desire to display their work in another medium, the scarves and leggins are available for purchase. Tattooing is not as dramatic and glamorous as seen on TV and many fear the shows attract people who just want to get into it for the fame and fortune. Are you for stricter rules or self-regulation, and who should police those who don't follow the rules?
But in the video below, Big Gus explains the rules in his own special way.Must be 18+ years of age and winner is selected the beginning of April.
Huang Yan proves himself to be one such artist and as a result he’s attracted the widest spectrum of collectors. By choosing to have the painted landscapes on human skin or commonplace objects he marries the elite symbolism associated with landscape juxtaposed against mediums of the working class. It is both an attractive decorative image as well as a symbol with deep cultural roots changing with the demands of modernity. This is very true but then reality does set in for these types of "artists" to help weed many out.

Taking a break, putting his machine on a folding snack table (with a blue medical napkin on it), Louie grabs a Bud Light Platinum and tells his wife and daughter, "She's gonna take a crap when she sees how awesome this is."That's all set out in the first three paragraphs of this 5-page article, and I'm already scared shitless.
Finally, there’s the business appeal: if he can sell an edition of ten identical photographs, with ever increasing pricing for each successive piece and simultaneously propel his art to a wider audience why shortchange his notoriety by only selling the single original object? And of course there's the bemoaning of the death of tattoo's magic, something I've done more times than I'd like to admit.
Maybe it's because Louie doesn't have an autoclave and operates in an unsterile environment. Or that people off of Craigslist come to him -- when he's not working at the hardware store -- to "salvage" the already bad tattoos they have, as you can see from the hot mess above. But what bothers me most are that there are tons of Louie's out there putting people at risk for more than just a shitty tattoo.
As I get older and become less stupid and more confident, my tattoos are an expression of beauty and badassness.
There's no way you can look at a cupcake or piece of candy and have a bad thought in your mind. Instead of mourning the wrinkles, dimples, and toll of gravity, I stick a pretty picture on my body and call myself MaMA, the Marisa Museum of Art. To read the entire piece, look for the issue at booksellers in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. You can also purchase a copy online.To see more of Kristel's work, check her online portfolio and Facebook page. All the foregoing blah blah does not mean I'm a fan of all the tattoo series, but I am keeping an open mind and looking at the good and bad of these programs.
You still have to manage stares, strangers touching you, dumb questions, and lecherous come-ons from guys who still quote Wedding Crashers.
I thought I was doomed to a series of unsatisfying corporate jobs, only to die lonely and frustrated in a basement apartment in Bayonne, New Jersey.
When I'm getting tattooed and don't think I can last through the session, the mantra that runs through my head is, "You're a freakin warrior. Joe has been tattooing for nearly two decades and developed a tattoo style that is sought after worldwide. And we need to be respected in this way, in popular culture and in our own "subculture." Our industry media should reflect a diversity of beauty from the diverse community of tattoo collectors. Female tattooists should be known for their portfolios and not just a sexy spread and cool nickname. And, ya know, sexy spreads are great but can we have some male eye candy in our media as well? We can show that girls with dragon tattoos need not always be sullen, vengeful hackers or hard-partying vixens.
We can show that we are scientists, school teachers, bankers, bakers, moms, mathematicians, lounge singers, lawyers and nerdy holier-than-thou bloggers.However we define ourselves, tattooed women should be celebrated and valued, today and every day. True fact.] She's run a shop, she's judged and presented at international tattoo conventions, and she's beautiful. At least Dave Navarro on Ink Master had a lot of freakin tattoos to distract us from his overly groomed facial hair. In the first episode, Kimberly tries explaining why on earth she would be running this show by saying something to the effect that "she's all business in the front, and party in the back," turning around to reveal a lettering tattoo on her shoulder blade. I would have loved to see Margaret Cho, who is getting tattooed by some of the best in the business and sharing her experiences being a tattooed woman on her amazing blog.
The thing is that Margaret, with all her tattoos, biting wit and dirty mouth, is not safe for a mass audience.
Viewers have an opportunity to see what a "good" tattoo can be by those who have experience and skill. Cons:There are some inexperienced tattooers on the show who do damage to the sad people who agree to get tattooed under the ridiculous conditions of a competition show just to be on TV. The drama here is largely derived from achieving the best execution of the work, rather than, say, the backstory of a transsexual war veteran who lost her cat during a house fire and that's why she wants a tattoo of Garfield engulfed in flames holding an AK-47 with Old English script that says "RIP Odie" underneath.

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