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Disclosure: Please note, that when you click certain links and purchase certain items through my Website , I will receive a referral commission. I made a commitment to myself the other day that I would focus more time on improving my skills in hopes of becoming a better artist.
You could have more than one purpose of course.  For me, the number one reason I create art is because I need to.
So visit the above links and find a group or community in your chosen field and start socializing. It is always a good idea to step outside of your comfort zone once in a while and try something new. When you look at a particular subject that you plan on painting or drawing and you notice all the details and values, it can be rather intidmidating. You don’t have to keep your work area immaculate, but once a week, it is probably a good idea to get organized and tidy things up a bit. As I said earlier, copying is a great form of practice and it is fine to allow other artists to influence your work,  but you shouldn’t mimic these artists in your own work.
Be sure to spend some time each day practicing or creating art, even if it is for only 10 minutes.
If you want to continue creating art for years to come, then you need to take good care of your  mind and body. Here are a handful of  inspirational videos to help boost your confidence and get those creative juices flowing!
Silverpoint Drawing TechniqueSilverpoint  is a very old type of Metalpoint drawing technique. Dear Ralph, I have translated (in Spanish) and read your post with great attention and interest. En la manana de este dia, en todas las catedrales de cada diocesis, el obispo reune a los sacerdotes en torno al altar y, en una Misa solemne, se consagran los Santos Oleos que se usan en los Sacramentos del Bautismo, Confirmacion, Orden Sacerdotal y Uncion de los Enfermos. En la Misa vespertina, antes del ofertorio, el sacerdote celebrante toma una toalla y una bandeja con agua y lava los pies de doce varones, recordando el mismo gesto de Jesus con sus apostoles en la Ultima Cena.
Este es el dia en que se instituyo la Eucaristia, el sacramento del Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo bajo las especies de pan y vino. When it comes to pursuing something that interests me, I have only two settings: Full Steam or Off.

There are many schools of thought on seduction, from using NLP and hypnosis to cast your coital spells, to applying a deep understanding of social dynamics and high-octane attraction techniques as a way to amplify your animal magnetism. An entire online movement has formed around guys wanting to get better with women, and there is no shortage of companies ready to collect your Visa number in exchange for the secret to sexual nirvana. I knew that meeting my ideal woman would require some way of flooding my life with opportunities to meet them, but I had no idea how to make it happen. I made friends with guys who were into this stuff and went out with them almost every night of the week, and during the day sometimes too.
That night, at a local student bar, I got two more phone numbers: one from an athletic Vancouver girl who told me to put her number in my phone, then another from a bubbly American blonde who went to find my buddy so that she could find me to…tell me to put her number in my phone! This part of the PUA experience was so positive for me that I continue to meet new people this way to this day.
The pickup world has a vocabulary all its own: openers, false time constraints, bouncing, false takeaways, number-close, kiss-close, lay reports, buying temperature, vibing, last-minute resistance, DHVs, DLVs, and so on. While I understood that the terminology made it much easier to discuss pickup with other guys, it still messed with my head in some ways.
While I’ll sometimes go on a social rush, and meet a few dozen people in a week, I might only go on dates with one or two of them. Btw I’ve never met a guy who was good at this who still used the PU terminolgy, unless they were being ironic.
I thin everyone should become a PUA to see what it takes to have success with lots of women. It’s not that bad when there are dozens of women calling you every day and you being difficult to please. If you are an absolute beginner, then you probably don’t know yet, but if you have been working for while know you should have a good idea. Cristo tuvo la Ultima Cena con sus apostoles y por el gran amor que nos tiene, se quedo con nosotros en la Eucaristia, para guiarnos en el camino de la salvacion.
Malls, bookstores, nightclubs, pharmacies, clothing stores, libraries, parks, lounges, pubs–anywhere there were large numbers of attractive women.
Not only did I feel strange referring to human beings in such cardboard terms, but I almost never had a non-pickup conversation with the PUAs I hung out with. There are so many places to visit online where you can socialize, get instant feedback on your artwork, take workshops, meet with other creative people, etc.

I deeply appreciate your generosity in sharing this and I thank the luck I’ve had finding you.
Because, I mean I don't want to be like As Confucius say, but under the sky, under the heavens there is but one family. I’d had relationships with women in both Europe and Canada, including a few that spoke no English whatsoever. I was intrigued by the idea of taking a concerted, goal-centric approach to my love life, learning how to connect with exactly the kind of women I wanted, and being able to choose my own adventures. Instead of chilling out and having a good time, I was now constantly calculating the social logistics. Tbh you seemed to be fine before pick up, as you said, so it’s no wonder you got a little better with some extra info AND practice. About 10 minutes later, I ended the conversation on a high note and walked away with her phone number. I have had a great mentor until recently, that she has been retired from teaching, and I don?t know in my environment someone else in its category and level, so I was finding me orphan and about to hang my brushes and left painting. I was ready to get out of my house and into the field, to start taking action and measuring the results.
By the third day, my inability to start a conversation was becoming increasingly frustrating. Whatever it may be, focus a good portion of your practice time on improving your weaknesses. When I got into Ruby on Rails software consulting, I sent out 80 CVs in two weeks to start drumming up business at a rate that would satisfy me. Finally, I decided to give my buddy $100 and force myself to earn it back, $20 per approach.

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