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With the design of our character complete and in the form of six images, we start the process putting our character on canvas. The drawEllipse takes four parameters specifying the position and dimensions of the ellipse. We want the shadow behind all the other image layers sp an ellipse is drawn at the beginning of the redraw function. The purpose of this process is to update the variable breathAmt which we will use to represent the constant breathing of our character in the form of a subtle rise and fall of the head and arms. We subtract the vertical location by value of the variable breathAmt for all the pieces we want to oscillate. She was into it immediately.Soon she had an audience and hearing her explain the game to her dad was awesome. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox.
Brilliant idea,will share with our pre-school and all my friends who have younger children! We will start with a drawing on paper and with the help of JavaScript we will create a breathing, blinking character on HTML5 canvas. In this case since I had a drawing, I scanned it in and outlined the drawing in Adobe Illustrator.
Keeping the design simple I chose one solid colors per body part, with an additional shade as a highlight color for added detail.
Next we load each of our character parts via the loadImage function with the parameter corresponding to the part name (e.g.

For more information on how to access the canvas' context (and a workaround for IE) refer to HTML5 Canvas Example.
Then we draw each image using the context drawImage method specifying three parameters: the image reference, its x position, its y position. We could have added the eyes to the eyes to the head image, but we want them to be dynamic to enable our first behavior: blinking. For more information on the drawEllipse function see the brief: How to draw an ellipse on HTML5 Canvas. We the help or the variable breathAmt we vary the vertical position of certain body part images.
If the eye open time is greater than the timeBtwBlinks value we begin blinking by calling the blink function. It is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any entity other than yours truely: William Malone. Even if some of their marketing to girls efforts miss the mark ( did you read this?), the toy is still amazing for boys and girls.
You will need some LEGO or DUPLO , a divided tray or individual bowls, a die, and a permanent marker. Kids can stop when they feel their creation is complete or pop it to the side and come back another day. Hopefully by the end of Part 1 you will have the tools and inspiration to create a character of your own.
I chose varying outline thickeness, thicker around the edges of body parts and thinner for the details.

When all the images are ready we start a timer using setInterval that will call the redraw function 30 times a second.
We first draw the the parts farthest away such as the left arm that will be covered up by our character's legs and torso.
They are using their imaginations, I’m getting a break and they’re getting along?! The loadImage function creates a new image object pointing to an image with the filename of the part name with the extension ".png" and in the folder "images". This LEGO game is super simple and my kids play it often building on to their creations or making new ones. I included a lot of mini figures because in my experience kids tend to create more stories with the figures and my daughter loves to make stories with her LEGO. It also assigns an onload method to each image so when the image is loaded into memory it will caled the function resourceLoaded. When kids feel like building but don’t know what to build this game acts as kindling and helps start the fire for bigger ideas. If that is your goal you could use multiple dice for older children and have the add or subtract and match up the sum or difference to the numbered sections.

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