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Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I have a wicked cool evil eye souvenir from Turkey. And after nearly five years of fairly consistent travel it remains my only proper souvenir. When you’re a backpacker you tend to avoid picking up any unnecessary luggage – for obvious reasons.
The ultimate souvenir because they don’t take up any space – well, no physical space anyway – photos are brilliant because, with the advent of cloud computing, travellers don’t even have to store them on their computers any more. Not like fridge magnets, soft toys, postcards, shot glasses and all manner of other things I’ve heard of people collecting on their travels. These eye-shaped amulets are thought to protect against the ‘evil eye’, which is a look my girlfriend gives me sometimes when I leave the toilet seat up. According to Wikipedia, a typical nazar is made of handmade glass featuring concentric circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, light blue, white and black. If a nazar breaks, it simply means that the amulet has scared off an evil spirit and you should purchase another one. My evil eye-protector is a little one because, although I do value protection from evil spirits, I also don’t want to spend a lot of money.
I’m not crazy about souvenirs but I do pick up stuff which eventually gets broken or lost.
I started the trend in my family that we try and buy a tacky, ugly, sticky-outy fridge magnet for our Mum at every place we go too – she thought it was lovely when it first started, but once my sisters and I travelled more and more, she now had a ridiculously full double fridge surface with some of the hideous things you can imagine! My time is quite limited as I’m stretched in a few directions right now with my mom being an obvious one. Regardless of your feelings about tattoos, you have to admit this one is pretty darn romantic.
On Wednesday, Reddit user Kerra Chadwick posted a photo of her friend Hannah Smith, who has struggled with diabetes her whole life, and her fiance Zach Ruth. Click through the slideshow below for 16 still-married celebrities who got a tattoo honoring their spouse.

Now-retired soccer hunk David Beckham has a tattoo on his left arm of wife Victoria in a pin-up girl pose.
The piece of ink matches a similar design her husband, Adam, has on his own body as an homage to their daughter. The pink markings on 18-month-old Honey-Rae are primarily on the right side of her body and go from her lower back to her toes. Tanya thinks the marks may’ve been caused by the fact that Honey-Rae had problems breathing when she was first born and was immediately placed in an incubator.
The British couple got the idea to get matching tattoos to make sure Honey-Rae knew there wasn’t anything wrong with her body.
Sure, the girl’s parents worry their child will be treated differently because of her coloring but they are determined to teach the toddler that her birthmarks are really a badge of honor. This entry was posted in Parents and Children and tagged feel good friday, parents, tattoos. Instead of filling my backpack with souvenirs, I prefer to fill my computer with virtual souvenirs: photographs. You won’t find me collecting these things – my backpack is heavy enough, thank you very much.
They’re believed to be able to protect against jealous, envious and nasty people in general who can project bad luck or injury through a dirty look. Unsurprisingly, then, these blue beads are most commonly found in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Armenia, Iran, Afghanistan, Greece, Cyprus and, of course, Turkey. Babies wear the blue evil eye knitted in to their clothing and people wear the protective trinkets around their neck or wrists as jewellery. I thought one Turkish lira (?0.35) was a fair price to pay for peace of mind and spiritual protection.
Having said that I did pick up a gold necklace from Reykjavik recently, with a small charm in the shape of Iceland.
Haha, I can imagine you do a bit of a fashion show for your friends when you get back, showing off all your souvenir costumes!

Off late I try and pick up local wines which serve as nice temporary souvenirs and work well as conversation starters when we have people over. If I had more space in my backpack I’d probably collect the tackiest souvenirs I could find!
I had a mate once who collected magnets – their fridge, and yours, must look really sweet!
At the end of my travels I may be disappointed to only have one thing but it’s either collect a bunch of stuff or pack less clothes! Yet, going to visit her and do things with and for her does not seem like a chore or drain me at all. After Smith was hospitalized in 2010, Ruth told her he wanted to get a tattoo of an insulin pump on his hip that resembles the real-life pump she wears. We can’t tell you how we refreshing it is to report on parents who are doing everything right.
I try to collect something small, either made in that place or something that reminds me of the place – upshots and markets are great for souvenir hunting. From my trip to Turkey besides the evil eye my friend and I pooled in and got a tea glasses set. She had a Hines Ward jersey on along with me and we just enjoyed some quality time together. I love love love taking photos and know they are the best souvenirs, but I want to have something physical to have from all these amazing places I visit.

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