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HTC’s new phone One is launching just ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S4, its closest direct competitor. Its HTC Sense 5 interface and features are tasteful, adding HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe to the standard Android experience. HTC cuts the back of the HTC One out of a single block of aluminum, filling in the gaps with a soft-touch plastic that adds a little grip to the sides of the device and highlights the aluminum back. The HTC One fell twice in the past week, once on carpet from hip level and another time into a still wet sink. Though the HTC One’s larger display makes doe a larger device than the iPhone, the difference is not as large as the Galaxy Note 2 vs. The HTC One features a small notification LED in the top speaker grill for alerts and charging status. In a side-by-side comparison, the HTC One display looks delivers a viewing experience that rivals the iPhone 5 and blows the Samsung Galaxy S3 out of the water. HTC pairs a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM to deliver great HTC One performance. The HTC One is also capable of handling day-to-day tasks like navigating Android and switching between apps without lag.
The HTC One features a 2,300 mAh battery that is than capable of powering the HTC One for a full day of moderate use. Keep in mind our early HTC One battery test is without LTE as T-Mobile and AT&T both lack widespread 4G LTE coverage in Ohio. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4, there is no way to put a replacement battery in or to purchase an extended battery so battery life is important.
The HTC Boomsound front-facing speakers deliver very good sounding audio, and the Beats Audio processing makes a difference when listening to music or movies on the speakers or with a good pair of headphones. Rather than direct sound down or to the back like many phones, HTC placed two front-facing speakers on the HTC One to send the sound right at the user. While watching movies, like Transformers: Dark of the Moon the speakers even deliver a little bit of virtual surround sound. Call quality varies with coverage, but while talking to callers on the AT&T network the HTC One delivered crisp clear call quality on both ends. The HTC One features a 4MP Ultrapixel camera that makes may leave users wondering about the quality of the HTC One camera compared to the higher MP ratings on the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5.
HTC uses larger pixels, Ultrapixels, which the company claims delivers better low light photos than the competition. The front facing 2.1MP camera is wide-angle which allows users to capture group photos with more than just two users, without the need to cram together.
One of the biggest HTC One software features is HTC Blinkfeed, a new home screen that pulls in content from Facebook, Twitter and a variety of sources to deliver an image rich newsfeed for the HTC One home screen.
In addition to Blinkfeed, there is a standard Android home screen with apps, folders and widget support.
The HTC One also features Sense TV, an app that ties into the local channel listings to deliver a great looking remote control experience. The HTC One software also lets users create quick highlight videos of events automatically, like the one above. The HTC One is the best built Android smartphone we’ve used, and with HTC Sense 5 on board it delivers an equally well-tuned software experience. I’ve had mine for two weeks and love it – got one up for grabs right now on my blog! HTC has commented that they will be quicker on the HTC One because unlike last year where they had multiple flagship phones to worry about updating, this year they just have the One.
HTC one is awesome all around phone, best built quality, best screen, best speakers, love HTC sense5 with zoe and blink feed and high end specs. Trenden smartphones med stora skarmar haller i sig och efter One och One Mini utokar nu HTC familjen med HTC One Max. Precis som sitt syskon ar det en riktig lackerbit rent designmassigt men forutom den omtalade fingeravtryckslasaren ar det tyvarr inte mycket som skiljer dem at i hardvaruspecifikationerna.
Trakigt nog valjer HTC att fortsatta anvanda processorn Snapdragon 600 vilken ar allt annat an energisnal jamfort med nya Snapdragon 800 som du hittar i nyare enheter hos konkurrenterna. En rolig detalj ar IR-sandaren som HTC har valt att behalla vilket gor det mojligt att med diverse fjarrkontrollsappar styra hemelektronik. HTC One Max verkar vara en harlig telefon for androidanvandaren som gillar HTC:s design och granssnitt kombinerat med en storre skarm.
Vi svenskar far vanta tills mitten av november da One Max kan kopas i butik for cirka 5990 kr.
Men jag ska val lite motvilligt erkanna att One-serien kanske ar det snyggaste i icke-iPhone-vag som gjorts pa lange. The goal is that you’ll be able to walk into any mobile operator store, in any region, in any part of the world and ask for the HTC One. Today HTC is announcing the first three members of the HTC One family: the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V. Note: The performance data contained within this article is based off of preproduction hardware and software. Despite the large screen size, the One X felt perfect in my hand, arguably even better than Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus did. HTC has partnered with Dropbox to provide all HTC One (not just the X) owners with 25GB of free storage for two years. Moving down the lineup is the HTC One S, but you don’t give up performance to get here.
In an attempt to deliver a uniform camera experience across the HTC One X and S, both feature a discrete Image Signal Processor (ISP) to handle camera sensor output. The One S (MSM8260A - dual core Krait 1.5GHz) performs surprisingly close to our MDP MSM8960 in many tests. The difference with Samsung, Apple etc is that they have other products; computers, monitors, washing machines and whatnot.
No microSD is a deal breaker for me and HATE HTC for it.Other than that,very nice phones.Anand can you double check te thickness numbers? The problem is that if I am in America, on T-Mobile, and want the One S I will be stuck with 16gb of storage.
I see, I never do those things as I just purchased one microSD card and haven't touched it since, but I see there are benefits for people that use them like that.Do even phones with onboard storage have a separate app partition? HTC is reportedly developing an HTC One clone that runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system, Neowin reports.
The Windows Phone handset is expected to sport an aluminum body, Beats Audio, and a display measuring between four and five inches. Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007. From past few months we have seen many reports regarding name of next HTC device some says HTC perfume, Htc M10 or HTC O2. One M is a flagship series for HTC and it all started late in early 2013 when HTC launched ONE M7. This year HTC has launched two Smartphone One M9 and One M9 Plus which are really great Smartphone featuring a beautiful design and superb specifications. Here we are going talk about “what could be most expected specification and feature for upcoming HTC one M10 Smartphone”! Here’s the latest HTC 10 aka HTC One M10 teaser video coming from hTC official youtube channel. So, HTC One M9 and M9 Plus are already available in the market and growing their market smoothly. The HTC M10 will have 4 GB RAM and as per the rumours it will run on an Octa-Core processor having 64bit architecture compromising 2.15 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. HTC One M10 will come with dual SIM feature and this will make One M10 as one of the toughest competitors for Samsung Flagship.
Update: As per the latest updates of M10, it will have 12 MP Ultra pixel camera with optical image stabilisation and laser focus. Yes HTC one 10 is going to feature a 5 Mega pixels camera with Optical Images Stabilizations which gives major improvements for front camera.
We all know with installing a large number of applications, most of the Smartphone will suffer from hanging or slow down problems. Some of it’s competitors are also rumoured to have Iris eye and fast charging, but HTC would be first to convert these feature in a real mobile phone.
Hope you find this HTC 10 (hTC ONE M10) flagship interesting enough to share and like us on social media. The design at the top is the wrong direction in my opinion for the next release they have near nailed the design which only needs a few tweaks and if the full glass black tint version is what they end up shipping that is the real deal.
If the full black glass render is what the M10 ends up looking like then I’ll buy one for every member of my family.

If they want to blow away my wife who is extremely picky about upgrading HTC will have to make the best phone experience and camera experience known to man. If these things are done right HTC can restore their place as a leader and by all means possible stop trying to copy the damn iPhone there will always and forever only be one of those variety means catering to those who don’t appreciate the design of the iPhone. The problem with HTC is they have not found there secret sauce let it be as simple as just being the best money can buy and everything else will lead to their success..
This is all the truth they need to make adjustments and rise like the Phoenix to take the crown. The best of the best awaits all of us with a SnapDragon 820 under the hood and engineering done right on the button size and position and tactile response makes little things mean a lot.. I understand camera is number one fur many younger users, but they often have less money and go Apple instead if High end Android, and honestly even with two years to catch or surpass Apple it hasn’t happened. A phone I wouldn’t have to put in a case with competitive camera and the rest of what HTC already does as well as ite better than the rest would be great. HTC M 10 PLUS, MUST come out with immediately MUST stay on top with others HTC makes the best phone on market.
I bought the M7 mainly for the front firing stereo speakers as I’m sure A LOT of users did for the same reason. For me…I had an old HTC Aria when smartphones first came out and was impressed by the build quality but was small.
The HTC One rivals the iPhone 5 in style and build quality without asking users to pay more than $199.
While Samsung’s new flagship is riding the coattails of the wildly popular Galaxy S3, the HTC One stands on its own.
Rather than squaring off the corners like the iPhone 5, HTC keeps the HTC One a little bulkier, but uses that bulk to deliver a curved back that feels natural to hold. The HTC One clanged off the porcelain sink surfaces multiple times before crashing into a pile of soap suds, but the incident left no marks on the device. The Samsung Galaxy S4 display matches the HTC One on resolution but Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays deliver a slightly bluer tint to white backgrounds. During the last week with the HTC One, the device handled everything we threw at it from graphically intense games like Real Racing 3 to HD movies.
During our week of testing the HTC One battery falls to 20-30% left after a day of push email, Google+, Facebook and Twitter usage as well as web browsing, eBook reading and light gaming. Users that wish to stretch the battery longer can turn on power saving mode to reduce CPU usage, turn the display down, as well as limit vibrations and data connectivity. This delivers better sounding music at a higher volume, though it won’t replace a good Bluetooth Speaker like the Logitech Mobile BoomBox. The front-facing speakers deliver clear speakerphone quality, but callers reported we sounded garbled. During our HTC One review we took a collection of photos indoors, outdoors, in good light and bad, and share the HTC One photo samples so shoppers can judge the image quality. The HTC One rear facing camera also records 1080P HD video, a sample of which is included as well.
Zoe is a camera software feature that captures 20 photos and a 3 second video clip and allows users to share a living moment. HTC wraps a sleek skin around the stock version of Android that delivers nice looking icons and special features without the cartoony look of Samsung’s TouchWiz. This is not like Facebook Home, which takes over the launcher, but rather a page dedicated to customizable news and social networks. Using the hidden IR blaster tucked behind the power button the HTC One can control your hoe entertainment system.
The HTC One doesn’t offer all the flashy features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the smaller screen are turn offs for some users, but the HTC One can hold its own against the Samsung Galaxy S4.
HTC also knows that this phone will either make or break them so I think that will be a huge motivating factor in how quickly updates arrive. Nu gar man i Samsungs och Sonys fotspar och slapper en version med storre skarm som med sina 5.9 tum placerar sig mitt i mellan Samsung och Sony. HTC hakar pa Apple och placerar en fingeravtryckslasare pa baksidan av telefonen som later dig lasa upp enheten genom att svepa ett finger over den. Kanske ar det darfor One Max levereras med ett batteri pa hela 3300 mAh, med mojligheten att utoka kapaciteten med ett flipcover likt Samsungs dito med inbyggt batteri pa 1200 mAh.
For ovrigt tillfor den inte nagot extra i specifikationerna sedan HTC One om man bortser fran fingertrycksavlasaren. Luckan baktill gar att oppna och byta ut pa HTC One Max,men batteriet ska inte ga att byta, precis som pa HTC One.
There will still obviously be variants of the One, but the brand will remain constant across them.
The US version will feature LTE but I’ll get to the differences between that model and the HSPA+ version in a moment. There’s only a single LED flash on the back but with five different intensity levels.
The One S trades in the Tegra 3 or MSM8960 for a Qualcomm MSM8260A, another Krait based 28nm SoC but without integrated LTE.
Rather than relying on the integrated Tegra 3 or Qualcomm ISPs, HTC uses its own ISP called ImageChip for all processing. Note that these phones are running preproduction software, the performance you see here isn't final.
For the HTC One X that works out to be 1280 x 720 (921K pixels) and for the HTC One S that is (518K pixels). The software build on the One S was pretty immature, it was apparently 10 days old at the time I ran these numbers. First, having a concise and easy branding message makes execution and marketing simpler - just look at the success of Galaxy S II - you can't do that without a unified message. I see a lot of people demanding them but I'm not sure of the benefits of that over onboard storage.Also can anyone tell me how apps are handled these days with Android?
Basically they are making storage space a factor in the purchase of the phone when it does not have to be. They should have a choice.I live in the UK, and most carriers only have dummy plastic models on display. Compared to the iPhone, which changes $100 for 16 or 32GB upgrades, it massively increases value.
The handset will feature similar specs and design to the HTC One, though it won’t be a perfect copy. The software update is rumored to finally bring support for quad-core processors and support for 5-inch displays with 1080p resolutions; the current iteration of the OS only supports a resolution of 720p. Microsoft is still struggling to carve out a market share for Windows Phone 8, and slapping the software on HTC’s beautiful handset could help boost sales. But now its pretty much confirmed that company will release HTC 10 as its next flagship smartphone.
From the past few years, we are seeing some tremendous changes in technology while most of them we can see in our Smartphone’s. But the company should incorporate innovation in its upcoming Smartphone’s to beat the big brands like Samsung, Sony, Apple, and LG.
But as we know HTC is well known for bringing something exceptional every time whether it’s beautiful design and performance, they always have an upper hand.
Upcoming HTC 10 smartphone is going to have 5.2 inch SUPER LCD 5 display with QHD resolution. The phone will give an upper hand to users for capturing high quality images even in low lights. But HTC M10 is going a one solution to all these kind of performance issues, as it’s coming with Octa Core Snapdragon 820 Pro processor. Iris eye and fingerprint scanning technology will resolve all security issues we are facing today. If you have any query or have any thought for HTC M10 then feel free to leave your comment on our fb page.
I guess its really the hands on that really shows the greatness of HTC been using HTC since 2010 and i love it.
Instant photos with zero lag is a must, OIS and clear photos but the phone must have loud speakers for her and if stereo even more so with no distortion. This is the best looking phone I’ve ever seen out of everything that has ever entered the market but that is my opinion and well aware that differs greatly from one person to next.
If the mean what they say we’ll see it as more than just clever marketing hype like everyone else spews out. HTC is so close to the best looking and with this small tweak in design along with all I’ve highlighted this will put them over the top. Build two versions of the flagship and move on these changes maybe focus on drop test quality (durability) like the Moto X did last year and you have a life long winner..

The HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera and the HTC Zoe feature captures 20 photos and 3 seconds of video with one press and share many HTC One photo samples. A headphone jack and power button are on top of the HTC One with a Micro USB charging port on the bottom and a volume rocker on the right side.
The HTC One display delivers a great viewing experience from photos and HD video watching to playing graphically rich games like Real Racing 3. My current experience with the HTC Rezound was, HTC made a lot of promises, but often failed to carry through. HTC already announced that the HTC One will be getting Android 4.2 around a month after release.
Enligt uppgift ska upp till 10 olika personers fingeravtryck kunna sparas samtidigt for att kunna lasa upp enheten. HTC, like many of its competitors, chose to spread its brand equity across multiple device brands like EVO, Sensation, Thunderbolt, Desire, and so forth. HTC initially allowed no photos of devices, but we'll update as soon as some are released. There's a ton of optimization work that still needs to be done, both for performance and stability. Overall I was very impressed by the One X, it was definitely one of my favorites of all of the Android phones I’ve interacted with. The front features no physical buttons, not too uncommon for a modern Android phone and expected for one running Ice Cream Sandwich. All of the icons are larger and you can easily swipe between screens allowing you access to Google Maps, music, and so on. Just as is the case with the regular ICS task switcher, you can quit applications from the Sense task switcher - just fling them off the screen (ala PlayBook OS, webOS).
Connect the dock to your TV, enable support on your phone, and then simply perform a three finger swipe up on the One X to launch the Media Link HD app. The CPU cores in the One S also operate at up to 1.5GHz, making its performance identical (in theory) to the HTC One XL. The front facing camera drops to a VGA resolution, while the rear facing camera (and lens assembly) remain unchanged from the One X.
It’s unclear to me how the external ISP interfaces with the SoC, nor how HTC can guarantee sufficient memory bandwidth to it. You can also now capture full sensor resolution images in the middle of recording a video without switching modes by tapping the camera capture button. Based on a single-core Snapdragon S2 running at up to 1.0GHz, the One V is headed for lower cost regional carriers in the US with availability in late Q2.
In the ~60 days between now and launch you can expect to see a lot of performance and stability tweaking across all of these phones. Keep that difference in mind as the One X does have more (around 77%) pixels than the One S. HTC on the other hand could have just stop releasing 100 variants of the same phone with different names for different markets. I have a Desire and app storage is a real mess with different partitions and so on.Also, where can I get a play with these phones before I buy?
Meanwhile, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has seen its fair share of business woes, and could use a boost from Microsoft, which has a history of throwing money at the OEMs it partners with. HTC has launched this phone in 32 GB and 64 GB storage capacities with micro SD card upto 200GB.
We are also getting leaks that their may be possibility of more that one variant this time. This leads some of its competitors to follow design, concept and specifications of this Smartphone.
Here we are going to talk about most expected specifications and feature of upcoming HTC One M10 and One M10 plus Smartphone.
The Snapdragon 820 is fastest processor for mobiles with 2.2 GHz clock cycles per second and supports Adreno 530 graphics processor. While fast charging is must needed thing with large batteries as it consume a lot of time in complete charging in normal circumstances. Even with the M8 which i own at the moment, there was so much bad talk about the camera, yet my M8 was the go-to phone for pics especially at night, being surrounded by S5s S4s Iphone 5s etc. The best of the best each and every year assures sustainable success as there can only be one.
That should be a beast, and I’m not sure I can give up the Nexus experience after having one.
Users who plan to read or surf the web a lot on the HTC One will also enjoy very crisp text. I’m watching much older phones receive their Jelly Bean updates while the Rezound is not scheduled to ever receive it.
However, the quality of photos with this phone is simply amazing and given the design application options in the phone, I am actually tempted to buy it. Moving forward, HTC is hoping to change that with the introduction of a new unified brand to do battle with these other brands: the HTC One. The One X features 1GB of LPDDR2 memory, the current standard for high-end Android smartphones. HTC has been spending quite a bit of time on improving build quality and being a bit less conservative on design, and it shows. As HTC enters the realm of purchasing SoCs from multiple manufacturers, ImageSense is a unique (albeit costly) way of guaranteeing a consistent experience across all devices. The Tegra 3 equipped One X performed very well, easily equaling the Krait based SoC in the browser tests. HTC is going figuratively all-in with this strategy, but the dividends won't start to become readily apparent until HTC One devices start showing up - at this point it does seem like a solid strategy. The thing that's great about the iPhone is I can find it in many shops in town and play for hours before making a decision to buy one, this is quite rare with other phones. Even Apple offers multiple capacities for their phone, knowing that they should not be making it harder for consumers.
Most apps can be moved to the sd card, but that can be disallowed and some apps can get messed up if you do it.
As LG G5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Flagship are already available in the market, it will be quite interesting to see the best Smartphone from these giant devices. Well the company still have deep roots in Smartphone’s and will soon release the HTC 10 Smartphone as it 2016 flagship. However, HTC is still standing as a well-known high-end manufacturer amongst all its competitors like Samsung, LG, Apple, and Sony.
Chief competitor Samsung and L are working on iris eye technology for its upcoming flagship Smartphone most probably Galaxy S7 and LG G5.
And also HTC is working on to innovate super chargeable batteries HTC ONE M10 is going to have a 3000 mAh in-built battery. But with the new  wireless fast charging technology we will be able to charge a 3000 mAh battery in just one hour.
The power button hides an IR sensor that allows the device to control a TV, cable box and home theater system. I’m expecting to see wireless display featured in many of the high-end Android smartphones released in 2012. A couple of years back we have just a few names when it comes to a Smartphone, but today we have a big list of high-end Smartphone manufacturers coming with multiple flagships every year. So, 2016 is going to be the year of, large battery & Improved Charging will be key features for next generation Smartphone. If we look at GLBenchmark, NVIDIA has a GPU advantage, while Qualcomm likely holds a single threaded CPU performance advantage.
NVIDIA continues to have the advantage in GLBenchmark, and unfortunately due to time constraints we weren’t able to run Basemark on the devices. I assure you your experience will be better now.On the trying part, I do not know where you live, but as far as I have seen, these phones are not due out for months. So, if you are thinking that One M9 is the best high-end Smartphone ever produced by hTC then you must need to think again as HTC ONE M10 aka HTC 10 are going to be a far better than M9. At that point I think mobile providers ought to have them on display, as is usual (in the US at least).

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