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Tattoos involve embedding dyes into the dermis, thus changing the color of the skin's appearance. Human skin color varies widely, mostly from the presence of different types and amounts of melanin in the epidermis, as seen in these three photos of young girls. The African elephant (above) provides an extreme example of the skin's thermoregulatory function. Did you notice the EXTRA menu bar at the top of each Learning Outline page with extra helps? A number of different kinds of flies feed on blood, including mosquitoes (family Culicidae), black flies (family Simuliidae), no-see-ums or biting gnats (family Ceratopogonidae), sand flies (family Psychodidae), snipe flies (family Rhagionidae), horse and deer flies (family Tabanidae) and stable flies (family Muscidae).
The blowflies, Lucilia sericata, Phanecia regina and some species of flesh fly (family Sarcophagidae) may infest lesions or wounds in immobilized persons in rest homes, advanced care facilities and surgical wards.
The human body's largest organ is the integumentary system, which includes the skin, hair, nails, glands and nerve receptors. The integumentary system works to waterproof, cushion and protect the body from infection, according to the National Institutes of Health.
Skin excretes wastes, regulates temperature and prevents dehydration by controlling the level of perspiration. The skin is also the body's initial defense against bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Storage of water, fat, glucose and vitamin D is also a function of the integumentary system, according to the AAD. Human skin is composed of three layers of tissue: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The dermis is the middle layer of skin, and it actually has two layers, according to the AAD. The dermal layer provides a site for the endings of blood vessels and nerves, according to the AAD. Lymph vessels, which supply the clear fluid containing white blood cells of the immune system, are also housed in this layer, to help ward off infections and other foreign bodies.

Dermatologists specialize in treating diseases, disorders and injuries of the skin, hair and nails. There are three main types of skin cancer, the most common of which is basal cell carcinoma, said Dr. The most serious skin cancer is melanoma, which looks like a dark, changing, bleeding skin spot, Crutchfield said. Acne, a disorder of the hair and oil glands, is among the most common conditions treated by dermatologists, Crutchfield said. Acne presents itself as red bumps and pimples on the face, chest and back, Crutchfield said. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition in which red, itchy plaques commonly occur on the knees and elbows. Insects, mites and spiders may bite to feed or to defend themselves, leaving annoying itchy and painful welts.
The general life style is essentially the same as the head louse, except that the crab louse is generally found on pubic and armpit hair, and less commonly facial hair, such as eye brows and eye lashes.
Biting flies all have free-living larvae that feed on decaying plant matter or microorganisms. One, the human bot fly (Dermatobia hominis, family Oestridae), has large, 1-2 cm (½-1 inch) long, larvae that live and feed in the skin. Most skin is waterproof because of keratin, a fibrous protein, and it also is made up of water, other proteins, lipids and different minerals and chemicals. The majority of the skin on the body is keratinized, meaning it's waterproof, with the exception of the lining of skin on the inside of the mouth, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The papillary layer consists of the loose connective tissue, while the reticular layer is the deep layer of the dermis and consists of dense connective tissue. The dermis, the AAD noted, is also home to the sweat glands and oil glands, which are attached to hair follicles. Melanoma is fatal in as many as 35 percent of patients diagnosed with this form of skin cancer. Treatments include vitamin A products (retinols), salicylic acid (to unplug pores), benzoyl peroxides (to decrease bacteria) and antibiotics (to reduce inflammation).
Crutchfield explained that the nails can have pits and the scalp can be red and itchy, flaky and inflamed.

This site is designed by entomologists and dedicated to help you to identify your bites and the source of those bites. It can survive only short periods off the host, and is transmitted primarily by human-to-human contact, particularly sexual contact. These layers provide elasticity, allowing for stretching while also working to fight wrinkling and sagging.
The hypodermis is composed of connective tissue called adipose tissue, which stores excess energy as fat.
A residency in dermatology involves one year as an intern in either surgery or internal medicine, followed by a three-year residency. Sometimes, it happens by itself, and other times, it is caused by outside factors such as poison ivy, according to Crutchfield. Some of these species are used by physicians to debreed dead tissue in severe burns and wounds. Blood vessels, lymph vessels, nerves and hair follicles also run through this layer of skin. More than 2 million cases of this skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year, according to the AAD. Mosquitoes are known to transmit a wide variety of disease-causing pathogens, but in North America they are only known to transmit a number of encephalitis viruses, such as West Nile Virus, Western and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, dengue fever and dog heartworm. The other flies, with larvae that feed on humans, are screw worms and blowflies (family Calliphoridae). For mild cases, over-the-counter medications work well, but a prescription may be required for more severe cases.
The best treatment for psoriasis are topical medicines, light treatments and, in severe cases, systemic prescription medicines. The larvae of these flies feed on dead or decaying tissue, and less commonly living tissue.
The primary screw worm feeds on living tissue but is currently only found from Mexico to South America.

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