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Girls who study literature or those who are fond of literary words may get inspired from poetry or classic novels.
There are unlimited ideas for female word tattoos such as names of love ones, poem, song lyrics, etc.
If you decide to get a word tattoo, things like the color, location, and choice of words should be considered.
Women who already become a mother often tattoo their shoulder with the name of their child. Shoulder tattoos are the most popular ones as tattooing shoulder is less painful than tattooing other parts of the body.

Also, you can hide your tattoos under your blouse or shirt when you are at work place or other places where tattoo is regarded not appropriate. If someday you break up with him, the tattoo will be no longer meaningful except you want to keep him in your memory. In other occasions, you can reveal your tattoos by wearing strapless or one-shoulder dress. Choose words that have special meaning for you for example those who can arouse your motivation or your dream. Shoulder tattoos for girls’ words, just like other tattoo designs should represent your idea, thoughts, dreams, or lifestyle.

For example, if the words are about your personality, you can add your zodiac symbol on it. If the lyrics or poems are very long, make use of the whole space on your back shoulder from the right to the left side.

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