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But haven’t you forgotten a very important part of your wedding decorations – your bedroom? Colour code: A few days before your wedding, give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint to bring in some newness and vitality.
Embellish: Other pieces of furniture should be just bedside the tables and a small intimate centre table with two cosy chairs for a tete-a-tete, the next day. There are several funny and unusual birthday party ideas that can make your party more enjoyable for all guests.
Another interesting variation of this very special 1st birthday party themes is to create a Zoo in your house.
Remember, the more colorful the party is, the more attractive it will be to all the children. Another popular option among 1st birthday party themes is to use an On the Farm theme by creating a farm in your house with the help of stuffed animals, posters, toys.
You can find winnie the pooh supplies at the website I recommend at the bottom of the article.
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Did you notice all the pink and white polka dots everywhere?  It looks like I need to be consulting her on my next set of birthday plans.  I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I did.
The first thing that we do in life is always special and therefore, we give it a lot of attention and detail. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Broken Heart Tattoos, Christian Tattoos For Men, Tribal Armband Tattoos and Tribal Band Tattoos. The three stars represent the three children of the woman and the colors are for their respective birthstones. Symbol of hope and steadfastness, the anchor is a simple and stunning design that looks perfect as a first tattoo idea. The man got a colorful and creative first tattoo on his chest that is a symbol of his fun-loving and cool nature.
Carved on the back of the neck, the heart shape with a curvy design inside it represents the love life of the girl. Symbol of change and evolution, the dragonfly tattoo, done on the side of the neck, looks quite realistic. Cute and meaningful, this sewn heart tattoo represents the delicate and sensitive nature of the girl’s love life. A dark tattoo, etched on the back of the meditating girl, looks mysterious but it is sure to have got some spiritual connection. Lower back tattoo showing a demon, carved with black and grey ink, looks mystic and points out towards the wild side of the girl. Flowers are the favorite of girls and done as first tattoo, on the collar-bone, they look very pretty.

Strong lettering carved on the back of the neck, looks cool and gives the girl strength as well.
This guy has a scientific bent of mind and therefore, chose an appropriate design to be carved as tattoo on his back.
The outline of the bird, carrying twigs in its beak, looks pleasant and stands for peace and harmony.
Having one’s favorite animated character, carved as tattoo, on the wrist is a wonderful idea that finds many takers. The girl loves this design and therefore, opted for it as her first tattoo to be carved near the waist. This is a relatively simple tattoo that is a reference to Harry Potter and is a fun way to show off how much like the books. The boy got his favorite band’s logo carved on his forearm as one of its songs saved his life.
The mother shows off her dark dragon tattoo carved along with the initials of her kids as a gesture of love and affection. Inspirational words look elegant and are full of meaning, qualifying as excellent choice for first tattoo idea.
The symbol of love, freedom and celebration of life, looks very graceful as the first tattoo of the wearer. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
This pretty light blue and silver first communion dessert table was styled by Alexis Campbell Event Styling. For this, you invite only a few people to a traditional tea party to enjoy your baby’s first birthday. This is suitable where there are older siblings and other children older than one year at the party. For this, you may need the help of stuffed animals, solid colored party products and animal posters. So, you can ask a couple of guests, older children maybe, to dress up like favorite nursery rhyme characters. After following the link you can either search for winnie the pooh supplies, or click on tv and movies section and you’ll see pooh items listed there. You can also print tags and labels from our FHC decoration package on adhesive paper and decorate jars or tins or boxes from your local craft store! Read More Minnie Mouse Party Items You Can Make Yourself   to learn how Jessica  made the party items from the post and also see her Minnie Mouse homemade party favors! I absolutely adore all of the bright and colorful carnival backdrops made from paper flower, paper pom poms, and paper lanterns; they are each so cute and fun! I chose carnival theme because it is something that both girls and boys could enjoy equally. Keep up with the latest party ideas, FREE party printables, tutorials, recipes and more by following Kara’s Party Ideas on Pinterest!

From the actual Shaadi rituals and the mandap to your trousseau, guest list and the decorations – everything has to be a dream come true. You can decorate the posts with beautiful white and red flowers or soft shimmery textiles in pastel colours. Use fabrics that are sensuous like silk, organza or voile and top up with a heavy screen like velvet to keep the sun away, when you wake up the next morning. Big size cosy cushions should adorn the chairs, preferably in earthy colours like sand and earth. Place pretty handloom mats below the candles and light them up, once you switch off the lamps. So, when you are arranging the first birthday party, you will be thinking about making it unique.
Also, you will need sing-along music for the children, building blocks and other things that will create an atmosphere friendly for the children. One great thing about this is there is a lot of information to learn in this theme, especially for the older children at the party. Also, you can use plastic chicken eggs and the older children can play animal games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Its fun even for adults as I planned to set a photobooth with fun photo props and had carnival games like Hoopla, Balloon Darts and Knock them off. Be it a youngster or a mature person; all of them want to have their body decorated with a tattoo.
There are some who go for a personal tattoo as in the name or something symbolic related to their dear one. The beautiful cross fondant toppers were from Edible Details and the printables were from Kori of Paper & Pigtails. Finally, you should ask a preschool teacher to lead a circle time and create the right ambience.
As the name indicates, for this theme you can just take your children to the zoo with some special friends. To make it even more attractive, you can hang the drawings and posters of the Mother Goose Characters. However, the most difficult part about getting it materialized is the issue of the first tattoo ideas. Well, if you are also looking for first tattoo ideas and are confused about what to adopt and what not to, then it would do you a lot of good to go through this post.

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