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You can have lots of fun creating funny fake text messages and sending them to your grandchildren.
So, choose a name — your name (or Grandma, Granny, Mimi, or whatever), a name of a famous person, actress, author, or a character from a book, movie, or cartoon.
Once your screenshot is created, you’ll see several options to the left side of your fake text.
You’ll notice that you can send it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+, and Reddit.
One of the things that I noticed when I made my fake text was that I couldn’t have too many lines of conversation. I think that you could have tons of fun making fake texts and sharing them with cell phone toting grandchildren.
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As a grandmother, what are your uses — beyond wiping drool off a teething baby’s chin or giving birthday money to a teen-aged grandson?
Harriet Ziefert, the author, is a grandmother so she knows intimately what grandmothering is all about. They have a heart egg molder so you can cook a heart shaped egg, a food face dinner plate (where you place food over the face on the plate to make hair, a  beard, a nose, a hat, a mouth), a French toast stamp (stamps the image of the Eiffle Tower on your French toast), and an airplane shaped fork. This entry was posted in Books, Product Reviews and tagged 41 uses for a grandma, Books on January 27, 2010 by Nina Lewis.

This entry was posted in Link Party and tagged link party, party in your pjs on May 17, 2016 by Nina Lewis. At first, the word made me think of someone who hangs crepe paper streamers around the room.
This entry was posted in word of the day and tagged crapehanger, word of the day on May 14, 2016 by Nina Lewis. Rain is good when you live in a semi-desert and where it seems you always live on the verge of drought conditions. It is supposed to be in the low 80s this weekend which is good because I’m going to have a get together with the grandkids.
This entry was posted in Link Party and tagged link party, party in your pjs on May 10, 2016 by Nina Lewis. My friend and I attended the Home Machine Quilting and Sewing Expo in Salt Lake City this past Thursday and Friday.
Remember: you can get my free document of Easter ideas for additional ideas of Easter activities to do with your grandchildren. This entry was posted in Crafts, Easter and tagged crafts, Easter, teenagers on April 20, 2011 by Nina Lewis. They also have recipes like a watermelon pizza supreme, watermelon in a blanket (like pigs in a blanket), frosted watermelon, and watermelon walnut bagel spread.  They all look and sound so yummy! August 3rd is National Watermelon Day.  You can start preparing for it now by practicing your carving and cooking skills.

This entry was posted in Crafts, Fun Activities, Recipes and tagged carve, craft, Recipes, watermelon on June 30, 2011 by Nina Lewis. While I really liked the hippo and submarine you linked to, the first picture of the dinosaur from your post is my favorite! The orange plus sign allows you to do other things such as print it, e-mail it, or send it to Pinterest. You can copy that code, paste it in your browser address box, and hit enter on your keyboard.
It was cute to see one of our grandsons haul his drum under his arm for the rest of the evening. It takes ZERO prep time (wahoo!) and is easy to learn so that even grandkids as young as four years-old can learn how to play.
Not to worry!  You can find one for around $30 (and even a little cheaper) and some up to the amazing price of $120.  This would probably be a great tool to have on hand for lots of other crafting activities. We have collected in different styles for you and hopefully there are helping you to find whay you want. See them at ease and let us know which you like best!We have a collection of unique and high quality designs and arts for your easter ideas grandchildren.

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