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What about gifts: When I was still in college and dating Bill neither one of us had a lot of money. Turn the TV off: So many friends of mine complain that their husbands come home and turn on the sports channel. Take care of yourself: The best way you can show that you appreciate your spouse is to take care of yourself. I’m still working on the actual scrapbooking of this part, but I’ve been dong a lot of the photo-capturing and journaling!
I think vacation scrapbook stories are even more interesting and meaningful if you focus more on how your personalities come into play in the vacation.
This trip was the start of a whole series of firsts and a fun new exciting time in our life together. Anyway, the punch line of this not so quick story (sorry, lol) is that making time in all kinds of ways to be with husbands will keep you close.
Thanks so much Noell you are such a ray of light into this rather dull moment of scrapbooking. I love the relationship that you and Izzy have – it comes through so beautifully on PRT.

The only time I get a compliment from him is if we are going to a GALA and I am completely decked out. We’ve been biking most every Friday since this trip except during the most extreme points of winter and summer. You would think that with all 6 of the kids that would have already happened, but the lack time together in other areas kicked it up to a whole new level.
The other day, Bill and I were joking around and he noted that we’ve known one another for just about 15 years. I’m not asking to be courted like when we first met (even though that would be awesome). Bill and I are good about keeping our relationship a priority but we are always up for some advice.┬áHave any tips?
Let your husband know what’s going on and then have him wait all night until the kids go to sleep.
We have 6 kids of our own (never planned that, I liked my husband WAY more than I thought I would, lol) and then my brother died 10 years ago and we ended up with his 3 for several years while their mom was pulling herself together. I’m just asking to not be taken for granted and I think that many women out there feel the same way.

Nowadays, when he comes home with my drink from Starbucks without being prompted I get that same feeling.
We have always gotten along really well ~ but the busyness of having all those kids (we homeschool too) almost kept us from even communicating on the most basic level.
But believe me -the two of you will really start to look forward to whatever situation you mark.
Now we have kids in college and still a whole houseful of teenagers at home, and Steve and I are closer than I can even believe. A friend had told me to set some guidelines ~ no talking about kids, school, bills, or house stuff.
My dh was fine with that ~ but we found that the first few hours in the car traveling, we had nothing to say!

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