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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If you’re going to spend the time and money to get a tattoo, you want something that will be noticed and admired. Many people get tattoos of lion heads by themselves, but lions can also be integrated with a variety of other design elements to create a visually stunning tattoo.
Good lion tattoo designs can be a bit difficult to find, because the level of detail required isn’t something that just any tattoo artist can pull off.
It can take a lot of time and patience to find an artist who can render a spectacular tattoo of a lion.
A lion head tattoo is more common than a full body lion with the shoulders and scapulas being the most common spots to get this tattoo. This type of lion tattoos have their origin in The Bible, with the lion symbol often being associated with Jesus.

Tribal lion tattoos, lion head tattoos, Chinese lion tattoos and rampant lion tattoos are some of the most common varieties of lion tattoos for men.
The heart of a lion tattoos are simple lion tattoos with the words “heart of a lion” inked around the picture.
In these tattoos, the lion is often combined with a heart or flowers to make them look feminine. These tattoos emphasize the facial expression of the animal and have similar symbolic meaning as the lion head tattoos.
A roaring tattoo shows the wearer’s desire to make their power and authority known to the world. A lion tattoo is a great choice – not every tattoo artist can do a good job with this type of tattoo, but when you find one who does, you will end up with a work of body art that everyone will admire!
For example, the lion tribal tattoo, which contrasts the rich detail of the lion’s face with the stark, bold lines of tribal art, is a great way to create a tattoo that immediately captures attention!

Once you find one, though, be sure to pay him or her whatever is necessary – a great lion tattoo is practically priceless! Famous phrases from the film, like “remember who you are”, often features alongside the pictures. The Lion of Judah has great importance for the Rastafaris and are often inked in green, yellow and red. The multiple symbolisms have made the king of the jungle a popular subject for animal tattoos.

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