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Pain in your forearms is caused by adhesions, or stuck spots, in the Fascia that is found throughout the forearm muscles. It is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the conditions that are leading to your symptoms.
You might find the cause of your pain here, or you might have developed another pattern that is leading to the pain in your forearms.

For example, if you are a dental hygienist, you will probably find that you have to grip your instruments firmly and at the same time, put stress in all your arm muscles to keep your hands steady. Three sources of stress going on simultaneously!When you perform stressful movements and holding patterns over and over in the course of a day, the fascia in your forearms begins to change consistency to help the muscles carry the work load. The fascia becomes thickened and sticky and begins to glue layers of neighboring muscles together. This in turn begins to inhibit or restrict the movement of the muscles required to move your fingers or wrist. Now they all have to work harder because they are dragging along their neighbor muscles with each movement. The result?

Limiting those movements can help reduce the strain in your forearms.How Do I Heal My Forearms?To fully eliminate your pain, you must release the adhesions or stuck places that are locking your muscles together. Strength and endurance will be restored.You can find helpful tips about managing your symptoms on the Forearm Pain Self Care page.

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