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Armband tattoos have significantly increased in popularity over the past several years, thanks to the wealth of armband tattoos available to tattoo artists.
Basic armband tattoos consist of patterns – Celtic knotwork, barbed wire, and tribal patterns are common choices.
While some people are satisfied with basic pattern designs, others prefer a tattoo that is more intricate.
Jewels are also good choices for armband tattoos, because they lend a bit of color to the design.
Repeated images can be used to create the armband itself, rather than simply being the centerpiece.
Armband tattoos can be a very versatile option, as you can do them in almost any style from flowers to tribal, Native American to Japanese, and pretty much everything in between. You can work with your tattoo artist to incorporate ideas you have into an armband tattoo design to make it your own.
You can consider armband tattoo designs as common, yet, there is a wide range of selections available out there, ranging from tribal tattoos, Celtic designs to Gothic.  These tattoos are usually created in a way that they are wrapped around your arm, specifically on biceps that resembles a bracelet or other types of ornament that you wear on your arm. These armband tats have gained an immense popularity nowadays because of their distinctive and interesting features.  They look great and more suitable for men with perfect biceps as well as women who possess sexy arms.
However, if you have already decided to embed armband tattoo design on your skin, make sure that you take the advice of a tat expert before you pursue with it, and try to get a type of tat design that will last forever reflecting your true personality and personal desires.  In the case of armband tats showing Hawaiian patterns that are based on Hawaiian culture, they are now popularly sought after by many people as the latest trend in tat fashion.
Hawaiian tat designs are comprised of flora and fauna such as tropical flowers, turtles, dolphins and a lot more.  The beauty with armband tattoo designs is that they are not only interesting, but also meaningful.
7.  A Yin and Yang tribal armband tattoo – This colourful design comprises of the Yin and Yang in the middle, its plain and black, with a tribal art design across the arm in purple as an armband. Today I am sharing 30 Awesome Armband tattoos, that can increase you personality and  hopefully you will like and comment on my effort.
With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. They are ideal for a person who wants a bold, intricate tattoo, but wants to be able to cover it up as circumstances dictate.
Nearly any type of design can be incorporated into armband tattoos, so it can be as unique as the person wearing it.
Dream catchers are frequently used as elements of armband tattoos, as are other Native American images, such as arrowheads and eagle feathers.

Incorporating birthstones into armband designs can help create a personal work of body art that will hold unique significance for the wearer. Tribal armband tattoo designs are extremely popular with males as they ooze sex appeal and masculinity. Barbed wire done in tribal design – Usually done up on the biceps, look extremely masculine with toned and well developed arms and biceps. Crown of thorns in tribal art – This tribal armband tattoo design looks especially unique because very few people get it done in tribal design. Hammerhead shark done is tribal design – This beautiful hammerhead shark when done in tribal design as an armband tattoo looks enormously sexy. Tribal Celtic armband – Celtic armband tattoo designs are very popular so people preferring tribal designs give it a tribal twist by changing the blocks of Celtic design into pointy edged triangular type designs. Rose and feathers tribal armband – This sensitive and beautiful tattoo design comprises of a small rose in the middle of your bicep with three to four intricate feathers below the rose and an intricate rope binding this pattern all over your arm. Tribal butterfly – A black butterfly done in tribal art with a tribal design over the arm forming an armband. Tribal Red Indian Feather armband – This tattoo consists of a string holding feathers below with a large two or three piece feathers together at the center. Tribal dragon armband tattoo – This versatile tattoo can be done in different colours symbolizing different things. There are different types and styles of armband tattoos for an example chain band tattoos, flowers band, dragon band, dolphin band, Celtic band, skull bar-wire, star and hearts band tattoos. Many individuals, even those who are not associated with a tribe in any way, choose an armband tattoo for the unique designs and the artistry that is involved int he creation of these designs. While the designs of all of these tattoos is basically the same, the size and color of the tattoo can be very different. Some individuals opt for one flower on the forefront of the band, with the stem and leaves wrapping around the entire arm, while others may opt for a number of different flowers whose stems are entangled around the majority of the arm. They have become an increasingly popular tattoo for the Hollywood elite, and are often featured in movies and television shows. Thousands of other images can be used as centerpieces of armbands, depending on what the wearer wishes the tattoo to symbolize. A bit of imagination is all that is needed to create an armband tattoo design that stands out in a crowd.

Men especially love showing off this design by flexing their muscles so the wire looks taunt across their arm. It is either done on the bicep or a little above it; the fire is drawn in tribal art with slashes in between. One of the most meaningful and beautiful tribal armband tattoo designs signifying change and hope. If you are considering purchasing an armband tattoo, keep in mind that the underside of the arm is considered a more painful area of the body to tattoo.
These types of tattoos can range in size, difficulty, and color, all depending on the design and the artist. If you are considering purchasing a barbed wire armband with an intricate design, you may want to keep in mind how tender the under side of the arm can become during the tattooing process. The intricacy of the design of the flower armband tattoo usually greatly affects the price of the tattoo. While the under side of the arm is considered to be a more painful area of the body to receive a tattoo than others, the outside of the arm is generally considered to be among the least painful areas. This is because there are more nerves in that area of the arm, and can cause some who are new to tattoos difficulties, or even cause them to outright quit. If the artist is constantly having to recreate and retrace lines on the under side of your arm, there will be a fair amount of pain involved. It portrays your confidence, intelligence and sharpness as well as your love for uniqueness and beauty.
Tribal armband tattoos do not represent any specific culture, These designs are make by different specimen and different traditions. Some of the more popular types of armband tattoos include tribal armband tattoos, barbed wire armband tattoos, and, for women, flower armband tattoos.

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