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Portrait tattoos are an interesting form of body art as they feature beautiful portraits of people that not only look good but hold immense personal significance for the wearer. Most kids ain’t totally embarrassed of their parents until they hit that there puberty thing. For many people, these tattoos serve as a sign of memorial for a loved one who has passed away. Some may also opt for these tattoos in order to show love and respect for a lover, a friend or one’s children.
A tattoo design featuring the head shot of an individual is the most common form of portrait tattoo.

The tattoo may also contain other details such as the name of the person portrayed in the design, the date of birth or the date of death. Unfortunately, we cannot call her that lucky because the tattoo looks too unprofessionally made childish work!
Other symbols that can be added to these tattoos include winged angels, praying hands or a cross. Last time she was spotted with a Marilyn Monroe tattoo and this time it is an alphabet tattoo that reads: We will all laugh at gilded butterflies! Now confusion that prevails are who are the ‘gold covered’ butterflies Megan is trying to point out and why is she enraged with them?

Unfortunately, that could not prevent tensions and differences from creeping inside her marital life and eventual divorce. But the ‘Billy Boy’ tattoo on her upper arm was undoubtedly the dumbest move as times when relationships change faster than one could actually apprehend, inking the body with the name of love partner will only hint at its removal in days to come! We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.

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