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DisclaimerThe news and sightings contained within the above posts are from unchecked sources and are for information only. Choose from the strikingly colorful dragonfly tattoos that are presented in this site as they will definitely suit your artistic temperament. The dragonfly, like the fairy and butterfly tattoo is an extremely popular tattoo design for women. All other content of this site is copyright of the Yorkshire Branch of the British Dragonfly Society except where explicitly stated otherwise. The design can be a small sexy secret or a large tribute to the wild and free spirit that the dragonfly represents.
Living in an aura of fantasy, the dragonfly's fluttering wings inspire thoughts of fairies and butterflies; bubbles and snowflakes. In Native American astrology, there is a strong belief that each person has a totem animal spirit which serves as their guardians and guides through certain phases of life.

They are also related to the element of water, and like any water being, they symbolize the dreaming or the subconscious mind.
They flit from flower to flower, from tree to tree; settling on dew-kissed leaves and grass.
Often, an individual would have many different totems throughout life, some for just a time, some for their entire lives. In occult and spiritual doctrines, the dragonfly stands between the mundane and the mystical worlds. The dragonfly inhabits two realms: air and water and passes the influence of both these elements to the wearer. Within sight yet always out of reach, the dragonfly has buzzed itself into the tattoo culture. The flight of the dragonfly is linked with the fluttering of semiconscious thoughts that occur within us all the time.

Having such a rich symbolic significance, the dragonfly is an immensely popular tattoo symbol. The dragonfly spirit means you must consciously make an effort to express your hopes, dreams, needs and wishes. Dragonfly tattoos are sometimes combined with other images as well, such as flowers or stars to carry additional meanings.

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