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Comienza la nueva temporada y con ella llegan los nuevos animes y a mi me toca hacer los avances de algunos que parecian que iban a ser interesantes, y como no ahora le toca el turno a Freezing. Este anime yo me esperaba algo mas pero aunque  lo voy a seguir a ver que nos trae, de primeras me esperaba algo mas de el ya que habia visto algunas imagenes la mar de interesantes.
La tierra es invadida por extranas criaturas de otra dimension llamadas "Nova" contra las cuales se crea una organizacion para luchar contra ellas. Mis primeras impresiones del anime que en un principio fueron buenas, se han quedado en poco, al tratar sobre chicas que luchan con companeros y con dosis de echi me ha hecho pensar que no es nada que no haya visto ya. As if we did not have enough ammunition to rant against our Yankee loving friends after they missed the postseason.
Now you get to ask them how it is to be governed in their daily city lives by a tried and true, red socks wearing, Boston Red Sox fan. Supercooled liquid droplets can also freeze when they come into contact with a surface, and that’s where problems start for us. It is well-established – but perhaps not well-known – that in our latitudes and especially in winter, precipitation starts in the form of snow! However – it is sometimes possible to get layers of air that are alternately warmer or colder “stacked” on top of each other in the atmosphere, and this is when the fun starts!
Here’s a link to a nice animated cartoon of how these types of precipitation (snow, sleet, or freezing rain) form – take a look!
Freezing rain also forms a layer of ice on trees, adding extra weight to branches and causing them to snap off. Esta organizacion, llamada Genetics, entrena a luchadoras para combatir contra estos extranos monstruos, estas luchadoras conocidas como "pandoras" son las encargadas de combatir, las cuales deben tener un companero masculino llamado "limitier" que ayuda a las "pandoras" paralizando al enemigo. They have elected a Mayor that never played it down that he grew up in Cambridge, that he grew up going to Fenway, that he sat in the bleacher seats, and that he will always be a devout Red Sox fan. There are 8.3 million people in New York, with over half of the population rooting for either the Mets or some other team. As if we did not have enough fun, the Red Sox win the World Series so we can mention that casually to them any time we want over the next year. You get to tell them about how he returned to New York to work in government and was known to bet the Red Sox with staff members. A new storm is forecast to impact the Midwest, Southeast and East this week, while we in the west are finally getting serious rain!
There have been a number of these this year (east of the Rockies), so let’s see what happens. So the raindrops that fall on your head may have been snowflakes a few minutes earlier up in the cloud!

Recall that snowflakes have fallen from the cloud, have melted into liquid drops below the cloud, and are still falling (gravity!) They now fall into this shallow cold layer right above the ground, and start to cool down again. They too fall on and bring down power lines, so now you have no power AND the roads are blocked by downed trees.
And here’s a short video of somebody trying to get into their iced-over car with a hammer! Nuestro protagonista, Kazuya pierde a su hermana en una de las guerras contra los "Novas" entonces decide entrar a Genetics para luchar contra ellos. Los disenos de los personajes si se me parecian a los de sekirei, el prota tiene casi la misma cara que Minato y su companera es igualita a Tsukiumi (la que maneja el agua), de todos modos seguire la serie a ver que nos trae aunque dudo mucho que se convierta en la estrella de la temporada, aunque eso si al que le gusten las series de peleas con fanservice seguro que lo disfrutara.
With all the news about A-Rod and drugs, you could assume that the Yankees fan base could be a bit tired of it all and stop supporting them too. You get to mention that he even had one losing colleague deliver a paean to the Red Sox on the floor of the New York City Council, while wearing a Red Sox cap on his head.
But really – it doesn’t, or at least not necessarily, and certainly not necessarily in the atmosphere!
This is where supercooled droplets freeze onto the leading edge of the wing of an aircraft as the airplane flies through the cloud.
Ground-level temperatures in coastal California are rarely below freezing, so that snowflakes simply melt on the way down. They become supercooled, but since the layer is shallow, the process of freezing doesn’t have time to complete – and hence we get supercooled droplets hitting the ground! As a result of this, power lines get coated with ?” or more of solid ice, as the photos below show. Freezing rain also forms a sheet of ice on the roads themselves – this makes driving quite challenging as your tires completely lose their grip on the road! Alli conoce a Bridget una "Pandora" la cual llaman "La Reina Intocable" ya que es la mas fuerte de la escuela, pero por su ferocidad y caracter insoportable no tiene companero. The city of Atlanta was brought to its knees a few weeks ago courtesy of freezing rain and other winter precipitation. If we take highly purified water droplets in a laboratory and cool them down, they can remain liquid – in other words unfrozen – down to temperatures reportedly as low as -55oF (read this report)! Ice therefore deposits onto the wings, and changes the aerodynamic properties of the airplane. Inside a cloud we often find a mixture of ice crystals, liquid water droplets, and supercooled liquid droplets. This is the “normal” situation, and occurs whenever air temperatures get colder the higher up we go in the atmosphere (as is usually the case).

Sometimes there can also be another layer of “cold” air below the layer of “warm” air – remember that the atmosphere can be very complicated! And in any case – and in my personal experience – it’s tough to even get in your car since it is coated with ice when you try to get in it!
Entonces Kazuya decide ser el companero de Bridget y luchar junto a ella contra los "Nova". What this illustrates is the fact that it is very difficult for water to spontaneously freeze! The ice can make a stall more likely (unless the pilot adjusts for it) – and nobody wants to be in an aircraft when it stalls in midair! This mixture is being stirred by air motions within the cloud, and of course the cloud itself is usually moving with a storm system!
If just one line goes out, it gets fixed fast, but when an ice storm brings down ALL the power lines in your town, you’re gonna be without power for some time.
Around and inside the cloud, various transformation processes may be underway: near the edges of the cloud, liquid cloud droplets might be evaporating into the surrounding clear air. If the cold layer is deep enough, we experience a fall of small ice pellets from the sky – this is called sleet in America (but in England, “sleet” refers to a mixture of wet snowflakes and rain drops, and obviously happens when the air temperature is right around freezing. In a huge ice storm that hit Quebec in 1998, even the largest power transmission towers came down (see the photo below).
In the case of a liquid water droplet in a cloud, impurities in the water may play the role of “seeds” around which liquid water can freeze. This is also why your aircraft is de-iced before takeoff when meteorological conditions are favorable for icing to occur. Inside the cloud, ice crystals might be growing, but some may also be melting; some liquid droplets may be freezing, while others remain supercooled. De-icing is rare in coastal California, but a very cold air outbreak in early December 2013 meant that San Jose airport had to haul out its de-icing equipment (SJ Mercury new article). We in lowland California should be grateful that we don’t get these storms, and if you’re ever visiting back east in winter and one of these storms hits – stay indoors!

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