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The owl is a mythological animal which has rich meanings in history and different cultures.
An owl was almost always depicted with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, the city of Athens has and still has statues, painting ect of owls to honor Athena. TweetBefore we get to the images of some amazing owl tattoos let’s talk a bit about the owl itself.
Many people choose to get owl tattoos to represent this idea of wisdom or skillful hunting. This owl tattoo incorporates unique details, such as eyes an umbrellas, to create a truly individual piece of work. Leaf and floral patterns work together to create this intricate and slightly abstract owl tattoo.
This owl is pictured with a key in the center of its chest, perhaps symbolizing the key to knowledge or wisdom.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Owl tattoo designs are very famous in the world because owl tattoo is a symbol of wisdom that’s why it is very popular among the tattoo lovers. Apart from the above mentioned meaning, the traditional owl tattoos symbolizes the wearers willingness to acquire knowledge and wisdom.

The owl chest tattoo designs often feature a single owl with its wings spread wide, symbolizing knowledge and freedom. Barn owl tattoos have similar symbolic value as the regular owl tattoos, but are easily recognizable due to the characteristic appearance of the barn owls. Small owl tattoos are quite popular as they are less visible, but carry the similar deep symbolic value as the large and elaborate owl tattoos.
Owl tattoos have a great scope for creativity with numerous vibrant, colorful and visually attractive owl tattoo designs available online.
Owl tattoos have gained great popularity among women all over the world with small, cute owl tattoos and colorful owl tattoos being the most sought after varieties. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. What many don’t consider is that legends of fairies go back hundreds of years, if not longer. In this post, I consolidated a collection of 55 awesome owl tattoos for your inspiration if you are looking for owl tattoo ideas. In ancient Greek mythology, the Goddess of wisdom Athena favored owls greatly and she is often depicted with them. These small, human-like creatures are often said to symbolize a love and respect for nature.

Tattoos regarding these endangered birds can symbolize individuality and uniqueness as well.
In certain Native American and Alaskan cultures, owls are associated with bad omens and even death.
The owl was such a prominent figure in Greek culture that coins from the city-state of Athens had images of owls on them to protect their trades and investments. If you want to get more beauty in your owl tattoo then you can use some bright colors which you can see here below in our pictures. Fashion of making tattoo on body is getting fame day by day because our young generation like it so much. If we talk about bird tattoo designs then we cannot deny the importance of owl tattoo designs because it is very attractive bird due to his big eyes and innocent face. I am sure you will like our effort and if you really like it then please don’t forget comment about it which is very important for us. If you want to see more beautiful tattoo designs and ideas then visit our website daily and get so many beautiful pictures of tattoos, jewelry, foot wear and many more.

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