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In celebration of Black History Month, we decided to dedicate our quotes this week to some seriously inspirational quotes from some of our favorite African-American women throughout history.
Later in 2012, Maya Angelou graced the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts with her presence in support of Agape Child & Family Services. As a passionate and highly vocal civil rights leader, it’s no surprise that Maya Angelou was acquainted with Martin Luther King Jr. Bay Area transplant Kiri Picone is a writer and marketer who loves bizarre news and the color purple.
Maya Angelou, the bestselling author of On the Pulse of Morning, Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now, and other lavishly praised works, is considered one of America's finest poets. Women of the Last Supper: 4th EditionHaven't you wondered what happened to the women who were with Jesus and the Twelve Disciples right before and right after the Last Supper?
Discover or relive the profound wisdom of a phenomenal poet, biographer, actress, singer and civil right activist.
The works and quotes of Maya Angelou are packed full of wisdom and universal truths that will make a positive impact on not only how you view the world, but how you live life.
Maya Angelou’s life started in a way that would seem to limit her potential, but rather than simply give up, she “rose up” and not only chronicled her life through seven autobiographies, but let the music of her heart overflow in poetry, song and on stage. You can gain an even better understanding of the depth of meaning in her quotations when you discover the life that she led.
Maya Angelou: inspirational quotes and insights of a phenomenal woman will be an excellent guide to help you become the person that you were meant to be. Follow in Maya’s footsteps and go beyond your own humble circumstances to a GREATER LEVEL OF SELF CONFIDENCE! I the author of this Book , Nikhil Parekh - am truly grateful to every bit of Blackness enshrouding me, which has made me a magician to express the innermost realms of my soul into poetic verse on blank paper. The poet has genuinely believed that even the most inexplicable of sorrow can be projected as well as alleviated via the power of magical poetry.
Neon: A Collection of PoemsWhen Madeleine Woods graduates from the University of Wisconsin with a BA, she temporarily moves to Burlington, Vermont—a time and a place that will grow in unexpected significance to her as she pens words to describe it. Maya Angelou was 86 years old when she passed away this week, but even after eight long decades of life she remained a sharp, passionate woman wise beyond her years.

She was the second poet in history to have spoken at the ceremonial event, following Robert Frost’s recitation at John F.
Maya Angelou gave the keynote address and recited a poem at the Children’s Defense Fund National Conference in Cincinnati.
She opened the talk with a short, soulful song, and then went on to discuss the ups and downs of her childhood. Angelou advocated perseverance and positivity, despite the dark days and horrific experiences she endured. Here, four of her most highly acclaimed poems are assembled in a beautiful gift edition that provides a feast for the eyes as well as the heart. Each step is observed with the keen insight and clear voice of a modern woman who is both a skilled poet and genuine mystic.
Black which in common parlance is perceived to be negative and a disability to continue the chapters of life. Wondrously implementing the same in this soothing compendium of poems-Parekh brings to the fore various evils lingering in the society and tries to cure them offering the balm of poetry. But what better way to celebrate Black History Month than by borrowing the words of some of the world’s most amazing women? The same reason theres women’s history month becuause we were not given the same rights as men. While some devoured her books or found inspiration in her poetry (Angelou was the first female African American poet laureate), she was much more than one of world’s greatest writers.
Sure it was, shares author Millie Nelson Samuelson in these inspiring memoir-like stories of the men, women and children of the Last Supper.
But this very Black which has been described as the most powerful color for survival on earth. The poems contained within are starkly explicit and poignantly debate on various global social causes like female foeticide, blindness, smoking, molestation, adopting the girl child, hiv-aids discrimination.etc.
After listening to the poem, more than three thousand conference attendees rose and gave the talented poet a true standing ovation. As a child, she experienced extreme racial discrimination and other hardships that would eventually shape her work as a poet and activist.

In 2006, Angelou gave a moving speech at Coretta’s funeral, detailing the many traits that made the woman both a leader and a dear friend.
The most magical fragrance of every entities soul which continues to infatuate even beyond the dormitories of heaven and hell. In a battle of adroit analogies the poet emphatically portrays even the tiniest of social evil and urges mankind to rise above the same. She changed the lives of many people with her unique ability to describe the dark complexity and intersectionalities of discrimination, racism, sexism and economic hardship. Poetically he tries to unite hearts all across the Universe in the spirit of love, oneness and compassion to give birth to a renaissance against evil and unjustness.
This victorious concoction of poems would appeal to all those who've so selflessly fought for a social cause and to uproot evil forever from the fabric of society. My desire is to reach others who may be struggling with the same or similar circumstances that I myself have experienced and overcome, with encouraging words and uplifting messages. What if she were Dorothy Walters weaving her passionate songs into a priceless prayer shawl? A work of love, the book features a collection of over 70 inspirational poems Stephens has penned through this journey called life; from encouragement to intimacy to enlightenment and spirituality, this is a book made from the heart. The simplicity of the language in each poem charges the reader with a sense of hope and inspiration. The Book cardinally aims to end the negative perception and energies associated with the color black and the under-privileged sections of the society.
The magical essence of Black has been epitomized to the hilt in every poetic stanza that follows-to lead to a trail of unassailable victory. Glenda Frazier shares her heart through these poems and short story, and in doing so, she touches our hearts with her words of inspiration.

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