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Today, we take great pride to highlight the accomplishment of this young man, who grew up in the States, yet comes back to his roots to help those in need.
Recently on Facebook page, saw gratitude note of a widower thanking him for financial support for her three daughters, which inspired me to start this page. He rallied the entire community, regardless of faith, color, or race, to join forces to end hate, bring awareness of the religious differences in the US and promoted to spread this awareness through social media efforts. In the recent times, ripping off any successful young person to shreds is the favorite part-time hobby of many Internet trolls as well as media companies (sadly). As reported by The Sun of UK, an online media publication, many celebrities continue to fall victims of the vile online bullying. I encourage you to send and share your stories of the way this organization has helped you.
It is about time, media picks up the real story and defends Gurbaksh Singh Chahal, rather than let the corrupt San Francisco officials bring falsified charges against him. Ask a hundred designers to tell you what design is and you will get maybe 500 different answers.

In just a dozen words or so, designers can convey a message that is years in the making, with implicit value and the strong substance that comes from hard work, persistance and creativity. He sends countless prayers to every part of the world, especially when an atrocity has struck them due to terrorism (Paris, Belgium, Mumbai, to name a few) or natural disasters such as earthquakes in Nepal. Any person, who is successful, has to be extremely caution, for they live in a glass cased home. This is not because the answer is subjective but instead, it’s because the answer is complex.
The result as always will stun, please or confuse you and in most, if all not cases, give you an answer as to what design really is.
Thinking it would take me many lifetimes to find such individuals, to my pleasant surprise, I came across several individuals born & raised here in India.
Any troll, foe or friend can throw a stone at them, and then step back to watch them tumble down to nothing in minutes. As I read numerous articles, one can only surmise his trolls and bullies intentions were laced by political motivation to bring him down.

The resident blind school for girls located on new rajinder nagar we helped them by providing each student supply for full month of needs such as toothpaste washing soap bathing soap tooth brush washing powder and awaiting next session to start to provide Braille slates which they require and will be provided by Gurbaksh4. With a bit of research, I discovered he spent more than $1 million US dollars of his own funds to promote awareness of the Sikhs in the US, right after the Wisconsin shooting of the Gurdwara in 2012. My perch Library located in sector 49 Noida and run solely by a single girl who helps the street kids to come and learn basic education needs for free Gurbaksh helped the library by getting water purifier for kids installed desktops for the kids to start learning computers and also iPads to learn and be at par with everyone around. Now he is off to starting his fourth company – despite many obstacles that have been laced on his path. The girl was speechless when Gurbaksh came to know she was running the school without having any resources to pay even the rent and handed over 2000 dollars in cash would try n get mail from her5. Yet, he continues to stay positive, keeps a good heart and not only battles against the injustice against himself persistently, he continues to inspire the youth daily.

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