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One of the advantage of having a tattoo on the upper back is that there is larger space available and hence, one can go for elaborate tattoo designs. The dragon, although a mythical figure, is also one of the most fascinating creatures in the world. 12 years of Experience in SEO Agency, Wordpress optimization and SEM Expert , All types of Tier 1, 2 & 3, link wheel, indexation, Content Writing, Building and Support.
Size of tattoo surely has importance but body part is the factor that you should know before getting tattoo. Elbow is not a popular part of body for tattoo still boys choose massive tattoos for elbow.
This tattoo idea is quite beautiful because the individual acknowledges the fact that birds are trapped in the cage, longing to be free.
In various cultures, cats are considered to bring good or bad luck; we are all familiar with the belief of black cats crossing the road. If you wish to get a dragon tattoo solely because it "looks attractive", then the meaning it holds behind may not matter so much.
In Native American culture, a dreamcatcher is believed to catch bad or evil dreams and energies.A mythological aquatic creature, a mermaid has a woman's upper body and a tail of a fish as the lower body.
If you feel that a peacock tattoo is not for you, then perhaps just its feather can do the trick; of course, the beauty of a peacock's feather can't be overlooked.
Call it a sandglass, hourglass, or sand timer, this invertible device was designed to count an hour of time. Yin (the black section) and yang (the white section) are the most popular symbols in Chinese philosophy. Whatever design you may decide on getting, it will basically reflect your personality and your aesthetic taste. As it is known as the King of the Jungle, it is associated with all the qualities related to a leader.
The dragon is found in mythical stories, folk tales and fairly tales in nearly all parts of the world. The cross is the symbol of Christianity and hence, stands for faith, religion and spirituality. I am not talking about money (tattoo do costs a lot, especially when done by real professional), I would like to talk about risks and pain that you will have while getting your tattoo.

Different body parts have different thickness of skin; therefore, you will have different degree of pain. Though tiny tattoos behind ear are very popular it will cost you a lot of pain in case you have decided to get one.
You should remember one thing; the area where the skin in thin on bone is the most painful one.
Still tattoos on rib are the most popular and even the highest level of pain can keep back of getting smashing tattoo on rib. If you have decided to get a tattoo on your rib cage but are confused as to which design to pick, here's some help.
You can get a design that shows birds flying out of the cage (very popular) or incorporate any other design that appeals to you.
On the other hand, if you're looking at dragon tattoos as a means to express your innermost feelings, then a detailed research is required.
It is believed that the sound of "Om" was made when the universe (Brahman) was created and came into existence.
Their big, beautiful eyes and the freedom to sketch the creature in various designs are the reasons to get one yourself.
Without having to get the entire bird inked on your rib cage, you can instead opt for the colorful feather.
Today, time is the one factor that seems to be slipping away from us and all we are running behind is to find more of it.
Once you have decided, the hardest and most important part comes: searching for the perfect design to put on your skin. If you have chosen huge tattoo along the leg and foot you should be ready for painful procedure or you can get special injection to relief the pain.
Of course, there are hundreds of places where you can get a tattoo made, but something about the rib cage sounds sexy.
There are many types of dragons, from various cultures such as Mesopotamian, Babylonian, and Sumerian dragons, Asian dragons (Chinese, Hindu, Japanese, Korean), Greek dragons, Irish dragons, Russian dragons, and many more. As the image provided here, it also contains the face of Gautama Buddha, who was a spiritual teacher from India. If you feel that a design that takes up the lots of space is not for you, then go for a smaller design.

The sun, drawn together with the moon, symbolizes the union of the male and the female and hence, is one of the best tribal upper back tattoos for men and women. Many Hollywood actresses have gotten tattoos inked on their rib cages like Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, and many more. Of course, along with the sandglass, there are other elements that can be added to the design. A tribal lion tattoo can be made in different forms like the roaring lion, angry lion, peaceful lion, etc.
Peculiarly, in some cultures, meanings like wisdom and wit are also associated with the dragon.
The design choices are countless and whether you get the tattoo done in colors or black and white, the result is fabulous. The flames of the sun can be drawn in attractive designs in the tribal tattoo form.Before going for a permanent tattoo, as a word of caution, one should remember that tattoo making and removal is a painful process.
So if you've made up your mind and are sure about getting a rib cage tattoo, we can help you find the right design. Lastly, a tattoo should always be made by a professional artist to prevent the risk of infection. Take a look at the following rib cage tattoos for girls and take your pick.Tattoo Designs to Choose FromDepending on the size and design (intricate details) of your tattoo, you may require more than one seating to complete the tattoo. Also, there is less fat around the rib cage area and this can lead to increased amount of pain while getting the tattoo.
Hence, think long and hard before you choose to get a tattoo on your rib cage.Anchor tattoos have been very common among sailors. The tattoo has come back into fashion as it gives an individual a sense of hope and stability.
Of course, there are countless designs and the one that fits right for you can only be decided by you and your tattoo artist.

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