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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Japanese tattoo art is popular for its focus on detail, captivating mixtures of colors, distinctive graphical elements and wide range of available designs, but also for the deep symbolic meaning behind each individual representation. Japanese dragon tattoos are deeply enrooted in the island’s ancient myths and local folklore, and are surrounded by a unique aura of mystery and mysticism.
The symbolism behind the Japanese dragon tattoo attributes the giant serpent-like beast features like amazing wisdom, undeterred braveness, supernatural strength and capability to reestablish the vital balance between yin and yang energies.
Yellow dragons are associated with the east and stand out as noble companions, glad to offer help whenever it is needed.

All these remarkable features characteristic to Japanese tattoo art are probably best reflected into Japanese dragon designs, nowadays highly popular among tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world. The perception of the dragon is completely different in Asian acceptation compared to that of Western culture. Sometimes dragon tattoos are used to express the idea of protection, good fortune, wellbeing and prosperity. Blue dragons come from the west and are characterized by being gentle, forgiving and benevolent.
While the Japanese see the dragon as a benign, protective and luck-bringing mythological beast, westerners and many other cultures of the world believe it to be the incarnation of evil and bringer of sorrow and misfortune.

These conflicting views are not surprising, however, as each culture has its unique mythological background and many other mythical beasts are being perceived differently depending on local tradition. Gold dragons are highly respected and valued, as they encompass the largest number of qualities, such as wisdom, kindness and courage.

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