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The book “Through Japanese Eyes” has numerous quotes from Japanese sources about the times leading up to the war and the war itself, and these quotes give a very good idea of the state of mind of those who were behind the war. More about the war, and then the first two quotes, both of which show the idea that Japan had that the entire world must be under the guidance and control of Japan. All of these quotes show just how strongly some of the Japanese thinkers and leaders felt about the U.S. This is the quote that got a lot of people mad at Yamamoto, and was even used on various World War II posters.

The author lays a great deal of the blame for how the Japanese behave on the Shinto religion. More quotes about the Emperor, this time saying that the Emperor should rule over the entire world. The author then confronts one of the more controversial aspects, and that is what was Hirohito's role in all of this? Although some authors have said that the war was racial in nature, the White race trying to subjugate the Asian race, the Japanese already had that idea.

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