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Japanese tattoo artist Horihiro using the wabori technique on a sleeve design for Rob O'Neill.
JAPANESE tattooist Horihiro came to Melbourne for a holiday but has spent much of his time decorating the arms and backs of a lucky few. As one of only about five masters in the world who specialise in the art of wabori - the manual tattooing of traditional images, favoured by the Japanese mafia or yakuza - Horihiro has been in high demand since arriving in December.
Using a needle attached to a wooden stick, Horihiro uses quick, rhythmic jabs to insert ink about six millimetres deep in the skin.
St Kilda man Rob O'Neill, 47, is among those lucky enough to be pierced by Horihiro's needles. O'Neill, a former property investor and Countdown presenter, also has a machine tattoo on his left arm by celebrated Sydney tattoo artist Tony Cohen. The dragon, like many of the wabori themes, is taken from a popular mythological tale, with other images and motifs including cherry blossoms, flaming swords, a goddess riding a golden carp and various feats of martial arts. Another Melbourne subject, hairdresser Tina Spy, chose some cherry blossoms floating in the wind for her right shoulder. Horihiro doesn't know how many tattoos he has, but his chest, back, legs and arms are covered with traditional and modern designs.

Other tattoos he performed himself during his gruelling 10-year apprenticeship, which began when he was 27. Other clients at his studio in Osaka include truckies, builders and the occasional foreigner - but never the Japanese middle class. The proprietors of St Kilda's Vineyard bar and restaurant have also convinced him to hold an exhibition of photos of his work, as well as do a live demonstration on January 14. Horihiro says he is proud that his work, and that of the other four ''masters'' in Japan - of whom he is aware- is finally being recognised as art.
But to ensure the survival of the craft, Horihiro says he must find young apprentices dedicated enough to replace him. The technique, which dates from the Eno period in 17th century Japan, produces a more vibrant, longer-lasting colour, but is much more laborious than electric machine tattooing, used widely in Australia.
The ''sleeve'' tattoo he requested on his upper right arm should take about 20 hours to complete. Tattoos are still taboo in Japan - seen as a symbol of criminality and banned from many health spas and baths - so Horihiro has enjoyed seeing Australians flaunt their ink.
First of all the difference between a graveyard and cemetery is that the graveyard is generally older and has a period look while the cemetery is more in keeping with modern times.Thereby graveyards tend to have a neglected and Gothic feel to them as compared to the neater looking cemeteries.

A full-body tattoo, favoured by the yakuza, could take more than 50 long sessions over a year. The view is from the gates of the cemetery which adds a chill to the bones as you look at it.
Can be touching and with details like the snake and the star of David can make a compelling picture indeedHorror Pet cemetery tattoo: The story of the pet cemetery is one to scare even the most stalwarts among us. The cat after being buried and subsequently coming back to life in a horrific form (according to the story) is a compelling piece of art. Plus elements that add to the feel make you want to gaze at it for a long time though you are chilled and horrified within. The addition of the fierce looking dragon also adds a nice touch.We can say that cemetery or graveyard tattoos are definitely interesting.
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