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PHOENIX Horiyoshi III selected for his wife's back the legendary phoenix, the eternal bird of mythology who rises reborn out of the ashes of destruction again and again. The couple first met at a festival where Horiyoshi was displaying his tattoos, and his wife admits to having had an instant attraction. In 2003, I got married, had a son, gained a step-daughter, and with my wife's support, Karmic Tattoo was born.I still enjoy tattooing, but lately I've started getting back into my personal artwork, so as to better my skills constantly.
Many young Japanese today prefer images of generic toughness like these to traditional patterns. In ancient Japanese culture, decorative tattoos originally had spiritual meanings but started to gain negative connotations as they began to be used to marked prisoners.

However, the tattooing scene in Japan remains sizeable and despite the many advances of tattooing technology (such as the needle gun), some Japanese tattoo artists still practice traditional methods of tattooing. The method is known as tebori.Tebori means to carve by hand so the tebori technique is quite literal. This technique arose in the late 18th and early 19th century and many famous tattoo artists of this time resided in the then capital of Japan, Edo. Compared to its western counterpart of tattooing (known as kikaibori which uses electic machines) tebori implements large steel needles that are tied to a long handle of bamboo.[2] The entire process takes much longer than tattooing with an electric needle since tebori tattooing is done completely manually as the artist repeatedly pokes the client to insert the ink. SourceBecause of its meticulous nature, tebori is becoming less and less practiced in favor of kikabori (using machines) simply because of time.

However, tebori artists such as Horimyo argue that such a method of tattooing should remain in practice. Horimyo states that while there are forms of art better suited for machines such as graffiti, lettering, and portraits tebori, as a handmade commodity,  should remain as a craftsmanship as more and more aspects of life become streamlined and modernized by machines for the sake of convenience rather than for the sake of art.

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