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Zur besseren Sichtbarkeit wird das Wandtattoo in der Vorschau in grau statt wei? dargestellt!
Ich war mit allem rund um zufrieden und angenhm uberrascht, wie gut alles geklappt hat.Es war fur mich die erste Bestellung ,die ich uberhaupt uber das Intrnet getatigt habe.
Jesus, the giver of hope and happiness, who sacrificed his life for the larger good of humanity, is a source of peace and happiness for many around the globe. The Jesus optical illusion employs the effect of optical illusion to create the picture of Jesus Christ in various forms from colorful to black and white. This one is amazing, stare at the four tiny dots for seconds then blink your eyes looking at a bright, blank wall, you will see the vision of Christ nailed on the cross.
Concentrate on the image for some time, you will see Christ with his hands folded below and eyes shut. Stare at the dots and then blink your eyes on some plain surface or wall, you will have the vision of Christ.
The light and the darkness spread on respective heads of Jesus and the devil stand for the victory of truth over evil. Marvellous scenery with leafless branches and sky backdrop presenting an illusion of Christ’s face. A soothing illusion created against a building backdrop showing the Christ being held by a bearded man.
A sea of humanity merging into the face of Christ, this is what the illusion makes us believe in.
Colorful, weird artwork with a man showing her girl the vision of Christ on a piece of cloth. A fantastic toast artwork that gives the illusion of the face of Christ appearing from the grid structure. A trail of crosses following the large picture of Christ nailed on a cross with backdrop causing an illusion of another Christ.
Stare at the eyes of the Christ for a few seconds, you will find that they have opened themselves. The blood oozing face of the Christ painted on a white cloth looks like the full cloaked Jesus. The door and the animals in front of it together compose the face of Christ with Mary also visible inside it.

A tear drops from the eyes of Chrsit and the angels shaped up as moustache fly up to wipe it off. Just keep your eyes at the picture for seconds you will see that the waves are drifting along with the image of Christ.
Poignant image of Christ created on a cloth surface pinned at the corners symbolising the crucification.
This illusion is a reminder of the last stage of Christ’s life before he was crucified. A light projection of Christ’s face from the toothed wooden image at the center of the painting. Christ took all the suffering upon himself so that we could live in peace and harmony, this is the message coming out of this picture. The hugely ornamental embroidered wall painting has the image of Christ looking from the black silhouette. Jesus carrying the cross and other onlookers together mix up to form a somber image of Christ. Fantastic tattoo design giving the illusion of two faces of Christ in one image with the flying piece of cloth and cross shaped up as eye and lips. I have a Jesus Illusion on a plastic card (credit card size and weight) and is 40 years old and broken.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Geh nicht nur glatte StraAYen, geh Wege, die noch niemand ging, damit du Spuren hinterlA¬§sst, und nicht nur Staub. While tattoos have been around since time immemorial, in the recent times, tattoo studios keep sprouting everywhere and a lot of people I know are getting themselves permanently inked. But maybe the above tattoo would be too much so you may opt to cut the design just right below the chest. Now just because it’s the trend does not mean I am getting myself a tattoo any time soon.
I have yet to think about it a hundred times over before doing something permanent like this.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

It’s true and one of the trends that is sending waves of mass appeal these days is the comeback of tattoos, especially on us guys.
It is abstract and somewhat meaningless, but it gives an impression of strength and virility.
As a guy living in Makati City, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys. The most fascinating from the lot relates to the hidden images of the Christ locked in backgrounds that reveal the lord when you stare at them for few seconds.
It's true and one of the trends that is sending waves of mass appeal these days is the comeback of tattoos, especially on us guys. Based from my friend’s experience his tattoo procedure took about 3 hours to complete and cost him 5,000 Pesos.
But if you are thinking of getting something with color, a good design would be something like the one below from Rakel Tattoo. Not to mention that the tattoo on his arm became very itchy while his skin was healing and getting used to it.
Well I guess girls have their own preferences when it comes to the guys they date, in the same manner that we have our own preference for girls too.
They think that the holy presence of the Christ will keep away evil powers and nullify the effects of bad omens. Just check out these 30 Jesus optical illusion pictures and you will understand the reason behind them being so.
But there are some magical Jesus Christ images too, known by the name of Jesus optical Illusion. Back in those days, photographers had to develop their own pictures and hang them up to dry in a darkroom. When he took the negative down, he almost trashed because he could see nothing distinguishable on it.
But instead his curiosity got the better of him and he printed the positive and the rest is history.

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