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A Joker tattoos that’s greatly sought after today illustrates the colorful villain from the Batman series. For those who prefer to stay clear of popular art, there are traditional designs for Joker tattoos as well. However you want your Joker tattoos to be, you can be sure that it spells fun, excitement, intrigue, and fancy that other tattoo designs can only approximate Joker Tattoos. The tragedy at the Aurora, CO movie theatre has cast a negative shadow on the Joker, however. The Joker is the only remainder of the original Major Arcana from the Tarot deck to survive into our modern playing card deck. This joker tattoo is of course one of the late actor Heath Ledger and it is a very well done one because it is easy to tell who it is. I would bet that many people got tattoos like this simply because they loved that one movie.
I have to assume there are also those who got a joker tattoo because they like what the joker stands for. While a recent Hollywood franchise showcasing the joker in the big screen may have catapulted this icon to popularity, the joker has long been the highlight of the arts. This approach is usually done in portrait style showing the sinister grimace of Jack Nicholson or the trademark eyebrow raise of a green-haired Cesar Romero, both of which have become iconic structures in themselves.
The Tarot symbol, referred to as “The Fool” is perhaps the most popular design in this approach. From the time that this arch enemy of Batman and Gotham city was created people have come to enjoy the antics of this villain of villains. Many have steered away from the character because of the atrocity that occurred there, and because the assailant identified himself with the Joker.

This tattoo is a good portrait of The Joker and captures every aspect of his insane personality. The smearing of the make up around the mouth is a perfect little detail to show how crazy The Joker actually is. The modern deck of playing cards is based in part on the ancient diving tool used by soothsayers and mystics for hundreds of years, called the Tarot. Originally called the Fool, the Joker represents eccentricity, unexpected events and possibly madness.
And some probably have gotten a tattoo like this just because they were Heath Ledger fans and wanted to do it in his remembrance.
That devilish side of all of us gets a kick out of a villain who has so much fun while as go about creating the mess that they do. Its uses a very, very large variety of colors including purple, orange, red, black, blue, green, gray, and white.
From mystical Tarot cards to classic paintings, the eccentric and intriguing nature of the Joker simply cannot be denied. Another take for Joker tattoos makes use of the version from the comic book or the cartoon series.
This depicts a young man sporting loose garments and carrying a bag as he stands atop a cliff, all against a yellow background bearing a glistening white sun. The mystique of the Joker only got bigger when Hollywood heavy-weight Jack Nicholson played the part in the very first Batman movie.
The mixture of greens, blacks, and yellows for the hair is perfectly shaded together to give it a realistic look. The Tarot is a deck of many more cards than the standard poker deck contains today; including twenty-one cards called the Major Arcana.

Heath Ledger may have played the most memorable joker ever and he will always be remembered for this role. The eyes of the joker start green near the nose and fade out into a yellowish green near the outside towards the cheeks. This is usually done with a broad-shouldered persona decked in an unmistakable purple suit and a green ‘do polished back from a pointy face that bears a menacing grin.
Another take on Joker tattoos involves the simple playing card joker, wherein a court jester—adorned with a colorful hat, a big grin, and a baton—owns the limelight. Emphasis is on the smile, which is the joker’s trademark, and which is quite apparent. The Major Arcana are the cards from the Tarot such as the Hanged Man, the Tower, the Moon, and the Day of Judgement that represent the powerful forces at work in the world.
In the Christian interpretation of the Tarot, the Hanged Man is a representation of Jesus on the cross, but the Fool represents the innocence of Jesus and his teachings during his life. The hair starts black at the roots, then starts to fade to a darkish red, and then turns yellow. You may either have this character as your tattoo or immortalize the full design of the card itself on your skin. The addition of a joker card in the background also adds finesse to this portrait, and the details of the small joker on the card are amazingly well done.
A Joker tattoo can also mean that the wearer is a trickster or joker, as well, and that things are not always what they seem.

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