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Throughout the years, many men have made the transition from the football gridiron to the squared circle. Inspired by actual events, JUNKYARD DOG is a gritty psychological-horror-thriller that delves the demented mind of a cannibalistic serial rapist who kidnaps his tenth victim. 1500 stake bed delivery trucks, 2015 Ram 5500 rollback, racking and lots of shelved parts.
The sale will include the 40 acre site and buildings, the inventory and associated equipment. Description: SCRAP METAL FERROUS AND NON- FERROUS RECYCLING BUSINESS FOR SALE WITH PROPERTY! Hollander system great walkin  business around 2 half million in sales last year Im been in the business for 40years in this area ready to retire moving to FL.
Description: Operating Newer Junk Yard in Pristine Condition, Everything up to code and current on all permits and licenses.
The yard sits on 9.2 beautiful commercial acres, all road front property, on one of Tennessee's busiest highways, HWY 70. The yard has existing dealer and salvage licenses ( the state of Florida is not issuing anymore salvage license at this time).
Current very profitable operation wholesaling auto parts from late model salvaged domestic and foreign cars and trucks.
Recently renovated and updated 5400 SF sales, office and work building on 9 acre cleared fenced lot. State approved air conditioned sales office with counter, lobby, restrooms, phone banks, computer trminals.
Description: Junkyard, Salvage Yard, Auto Crushing Junk Car Removal We sell Used Auto Parts. Across the street from Indio, this Coachella location is zoned for it's current salvage use. In the last few years, my brother has scraped everything and moved on, I still hold the licenses and own the property. 5.5 acres is located 30 mins outside of Atlanta in the west georgia market in Carroll County.
Complete line of parts, electrical, lights, glass, wheels and tires in stock and on the shelves.
Description: Auto recycling and scrap metal salvage yard for sale in Bucks County one half mile from Trenton NJ border.
Description: Old Established Auto Salvage and Recycling Center Located in Central United States. Billy Ray's vehicle, the Junkyard Dog, is a run-down tow truck that helps him earn a second income. In Multiplayer team modes, the alternate special is replaced by "Team Health drop", which lets the player drop a "health taxi" for teammates in the enviroment that can be detonated remotely, the longer the "health taxi" cooks the more it will heal your teammates.
Sweet Tooth - Yellow Jacket - Darkside - Outlaw - Thumper - Crimson Fury - Pit Viper - Warthog - Mr.
A 100% Kevlar knitted glove with cowhide split leather reinforcement on the palm and fingers. Perhaps none, however, have ever done it with the panache of one Sylvester Ritter, a man better known to sports-entertainment fans as the Junkyard Dog.Before entering the ring, the near 300-pound Ritter was a standout college football player, twice earning Honorable Mention All-American honors at Fayetteville (NC) State University.

JUNKYARD DOG tells the terror-filled tale of Audra Buckman, a nineteen year-old college co-ed, trapped in a month-long nightmare, struggling to stay alive and uneaten while being held captive.
Property is cleared, clean, graded and fully utilized with a storm retention pond full of fish out back.
Will sell yard, equipment and inventory separately with property at $750k, owner finance with large down payment. The largest is the primary building has two wings, constructed of concrete block, the first which is and includes a maintenance area with three overhead door bays, two bays have hydraulic car hoists, overhead chain falls, the third bay has a Bear front end alignment pit. The other building wing is 36 x70 and includes the parts shelving, showroom, office area and other storage areas.
The Business was established in 2011 and after explosive growth moved to it’s current location in 2013. 1 john 544 loader.way to much equipment to list approximately 800 vehicles lots of inventory 15 are more semi trailers for storage.
Priced at $2,500,000, negotiable, and will consider sale of business and lease of property, depending on purchasers capacity. Located in one of the fastest growing cities in the US, with a potential for up to a 500% increase, this dynamic growing business is the largest recycling yard in a 70 mile radius! It's 32 square miles of undeveloped desert oasis, agricultural, commercial and industrial land straddle the I-10 Freeway between Los Angeles and Phoenix with a two-state market reach to 25 million people.
40' truck scales, 40x60' metal building, commercial zoning, permits current, fenced and ready for new owner. At night, along the country road, he tows stranded motorists to the local mechanic for repairs. Junkyard Dog's primary special, "Taxi Toss" launches a homing taxi into enemies from behind using the tow winch.
He was even drafted by the Green Bay Packers, but decided on a career in sports-entertainment in the mid-1970s.JYD made his debut in Tennessee in 1977, and also worked for Stu Hart's famed Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Audra's only hope of escape from this hell is Samantha Deatherage, a tough FBI agent who is sent on a solo assignment to search for the missing girl.
Huge storage ,with industrial shelving,and many thousands of parts pulled,tagged and stored.Yard has approx. For all the excellent highlights of this yard, please call Jeremy Jensen at 931-624-6004:cell. Has building for shop with lift, second building for warehousing, mobile home with offices in front and sleeping quarters at rear, and two large concrete slabs for dismantling or more lifts.
TIS IS A FULL SERVICE AUTO SALVAGE YARD GENERATING REVENUES THROUGH SEVERAL AVENUES: SCRAP METAL RECYCLING, USED AUTO PARTS, AND USED AUTO SALES. The railway and truck transporting hub of a vast agricultural economy, Coachella continues to be a major trading player with California Highway 86, the NAFTA Highway, and Highway 111 traversing its core. Its Special Attack is a flaming spiked ball that dangles from the truck's tow arm, and is similar to the Gas Can, but more powerful.
Yes, you read that correctly: this vehicle's special lets you throw a taxicab at your enemies! Ritter used several different ring names in his early career, but he would truly become an icon after moving to the Mid-South Wrestling territory in the early 1980s.It was in Mid-South where promoter Bill Watts christened Ritter as the Junkyard Dog. This is a turn key cash cow and likely the best deal on here as owner wants to go live on the water in Florida.

COMPLETE LINE OF PARTS, ELECTRICAL, LIGHTS, GLASS, WHEELS AND TIRES IN STOCK AND ON THE SHELVES. Annual gross income of 6.4 million in scrap sales this dose not include parts or car sales. Press the Fire Weapon button once to hurl it and a second time to bring it down upon the targeting reticle. JYD began coming to the ring with his signature dog collar and chains, and in no time was perhaps the most popular Superstar in the territory.
No Salvage licenses are being issued anymore in central florida!GOLDEN OPPURTUNITY OWNER RETIRING! Asking price 2.8 million, financing assistance available for qualified buyers as well as transition assistance.
The alternate special, "Taxi Detonation", functions similarly to the Remote Bomb and can be launched or dropped in the environment.
Despite his massive frame, JYD was abnormally quick on his feet and extremely durable, often seeming impervious to pain, and he connected with the fans almost instantly. Let the taxi cook long enough and it will send out a shockwave upon detonation, which will damage everyone caught in the blast radius. His rivalries with Ted DiBiase, The Fabulous Freebirds and Butch Reed -- among others -- were some of Mid-South's most legendary, and along the way he amassed numerous reigns as Mid-South North American Champion and Mid-South Tag Team Champion.Late in 1984, JYD came to WWE, and once again, he became an instant hit with the fans.
Currently doing excellent online and ebay business with around 30,000 used and aftermarket parts online.
The sight of JYD — clad in his collar and chains, striding to the ring to the strains of his unforgettable entrance theme, "Grab Them Cakes" — was one that our fans loved but his opponents dreaded. He was well-known for his finishing maneuver, a powerslam he called "Thump" — one so monumental that he wore the word "Thump" across the back of his wrestling trunks -- as well as his vicious head butts.Although he never won a championship in WWE, JYD had quite a bit of success while remaining one of the most popular Superstars of the 1980s.
Just months after his debut, he faced Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Championship at the inaugural WrestleMania, defeating "The Hammer" by count-out but not winning the gold. No matter, as later that year, JYD won the first-ever Wrestling Classic, a King of the Ring-style tournament that was also WWE's first foray into pay-per-view. Two years later, JYD engaged in a rivalry with "King" Harley Race over the crown that culminated in a bout at WrestleMania III.Junkyard Dog's success continued after leaving WWE, as he moved to the NWA (later WCW) in the late-1980s and briefly warred with Ric Flair over the NWA World Championship.
He also held the WCW Six-Man Tag Team Championship in 1991 before retiring from the ring in 1993.Unfortunately, Sylvester Ritter's life was tragically cut short on June 2, 1998. While driving home from his daughter LaToya's high school graduation in North Carolina, Ritter was involved in a single-car accident on a Mississippi highway that claimed his life. He was only 45 years old.In 2004, Junkyard Dog was posthumously given the biggest bone of all when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside 10 of his contemporaries — including WWE rivals Valentine and Race. Fellow Hall of Famer Ernie Ladd — himself one of the biggest African-American Superstars of the 1970s — inducted JYD into the Hall, with daughter LaToya Ritter fittingly accepting the induction on his behalf.Junkyard Dog had a unique combination of power, grace and charisma that is rarely seen in sports-entertainment.

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