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Sommerheim Water Treatment Plant, Pump Room - 1,250 hp and 2,500 hp finished water supply pumps. All photos and descriptions are the property of Keystone Alliance Consulting and may not be used without written permission. These thick chalk beds have been named the Niobrara formation of the late Cretaceous geologic period and date from 80 to 70 million years old. During the more recent Pleistocene epoch, glaciers and torrential rains formed most of the present day rivers and streams. They were all part of an ancient inland seaway which extended from the present Gulf of Mexico to Alaska.

Chalk is a soft limestone composed mainly of microscopic bits of compacted shells (coccoliths). The best known formation of this period is the Ogallala, composed of sandy limy rocks often exposed as bluffs like those at Lake Scott State Park in northern Scott County. It was at this time that the Smoky Hill chalk beds were cut out and continue to erode today, forming pinnacles, spires and unique-shaped forms. The Niobrara formation is famous for its abundance of extinct fossil fish, swimming reptiles (mosasaurs and plesiosaurs), flying reptiles (pteranodons) and ancient birds with teeth (Hesperornis and Ichthyornis). The Niobrara formation is over 500 feet thick and includes the Fort Hays Limestone at the base and the Smoky Hill Chalk at the top.

Two spectacular examples are Castle Rock in eastern Gove county and Monument Rocks (also known as Chalk Pyramids) in western Gove county. This prehistoric seabed was drained by the slow uplift of the Rocky Mountains at the end of the Cretaceous period.

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