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Chest tattoos are at a very personal place as you don’t show it off to everyone unless you want to flaunt it. If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.
It’s so true that people with a chest piece gain so much charisma and confidence, especially with high quality art work like in these 30 examples. Appearance: Aaron dresses in a pair of loose fitting black fatigues, a grey sleevless undershirt, and black sneakers with red soles and stripes along the sides.
Aaron has been in the Forgotten Realm now for two years, so he's more then familiar with the territory. Appearance: Kryn shares similarities of most Viera, But he is the only male of his entire species, His ears are of a Maroon color as his hair is more of a Chestnut brown, but it was once White. Bio: Kryn was just a baby when the heartless attacked and litterally destroyed the world he lived in, His father went to fight them but he fell, then his mother and him escaped with the other Viera to the world called 'The verdant wood'. Life for Kryn was pretty easy for him, as he was revered for his white hair, but to his surprise, He was the only Male Viera left. Fox was raised on the outskirts of his world an outcast to his people for reasons unknown he was then picked up half-dead by his soon-to-be- keyblade master where he was trained and fought in the keyblade war ending up in the forgotten realm trying to save his master life he failed and was sealed in the realm. Fox plays guitar and sings in his free time along with practicing his key blade techniques to become a master keyblader he hasn't met many other keybladers mostly cause he likes being an outsider thinking that he wouldn't be accepted by this world either.
Bio: A being rejected by society and her won family, a person without mercy or emotions, ends innocent lives without regreting, pays no price for her sins. Differently from Radiant Garden, the world where Nemesis used to live in, the inhabitants accepted her as an equal, as if there was no differencen between darkness and light. Appearance: Short gray messy hair, dark blue eyes and no special features mark Nicolas as a plain-looking human. Bio: Banned from her village because of her anti-socialness, Lena bares a grudge agaisnt people.

His mother eased him into this new society by having him dress like a girl, and he was embarrased for it.
A demon who was never touched by the warmth of true friendship, living a lone and dark life on her own.
Since the first time when she met those people, without her approval, a feeling of compassion started growing in her heart. If one of them was to be destroyed her life would've ended, she never knew that, for that strange demon the keyblades are merely weapons, meant to be used to help her defeat any enemies.
He is wearing a black T-shirt with a silver crossing chain design that continues onto his black, somewhat baggy pants.
It is a young man, and his spiky hair and baggy clothes are noticeable traits, this is Sora. Its bright yellow eyes are the only features that define it as a living thing, this is a heartless. So as they made their worlds better by killing countless heartless, nobodies, and the like, they made this world worse. He hasn't figured out how to activate the summon within though, so until then, he just uses it as a lucky charm.
He has a few accessories, mainly a thin silver chain around his neck, and a black and red wrist band. It's been almost five years since she was transported to the forgotten realm, she almost forgot everything about the other worlds where she used to live in. Soul Eater uses it's master's strengh as it's own power, being the most powerfull and dangerous one of the two keyblades. This, along with his pale skin and a skinny, but not weak, build make Nicolas average in appearance. Then he wears tan Cargo shorts and He has no choice but to wear black stilettos to keep his balance.

Then in the rage of crazy Viera hormones, He exiled himself from that world and left for another world. She always tryed to stay away from the population, trying not to get involved in those matters, but no one can live alone for eternity.
Rise of the darkness control's it's master's darkness, being very effective against users of light, but losing on defense strengh. Others include a sprawling metropolis that is always in the nighttime hours, a mountain range that is always covered in snow, and a world of ancient ruins. If only one of the people who helped her and welcomed her as a part of their family was in danger, Nemesis would be able to give her life for them. To use the two keyblades at the same time a high level of energy is required, making it difficult for Nemesis to control them.
Alone, that is, if you don't count the huge supply of heartless running around, looking for a way to escape this world. To accomplish this, I decided to take it out of the realm of Disney and FF and make it its own. Hiding from most of these heartless are how his days are spent, perfering not to fight if not required. Then he fell into an unconscious state after the world experienced a 'Mist storm' and that's when his awakening occured. Waking up in the Forgotten Realm with Shackle in his right hand and Chain in his left, Nicolas tried to think of why he wasn't in his small town in a distant world, and what these thinga in his hand were. So when he felt that this day was going to have something new, his spirits lifted and he set off, taking only his practice with the strange weapons and his hopes,letting his feet take him wherever they wished to go, leading him to the rest of the keybladers.

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