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TweetBefore we get to the images of some amazing Koi fish tattoos let’s talk a bit about the history of the Koi fish itself. No matter which interpretation you follow, it is clear that koi fish are very important to many cultures, and they are thought to encompass a variety of attributes that humans strive for. Unlike many koi fish tattoos, this one focuses on solid outlines rather than color and shading.
This back tattoo depicts a coorful, swimming koi fish surrounded by flowers and Japanese characters. This colorful  koi fish stands out from the grey shading to make a statement of good fortune. This large, colorful koi fish tattoo is accented by pink flowers to create a gorgeous back tattoo. In real life, koi fish are usually brightly colored, but this tattoo shows that they can be just as beautiful in black and white. This koi fish tattoo is part of a huge back piece, and it stands out from the rest of the tattoo by using vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Pairing a large koi fish with orchids or other beautiful flowers or vine is a great idea that women can try out. Remember that getting such a tattoo would be making a really bold statement through body art.
Throughout the centuries, koi fish have been thought to represent good luck and high aspirations.
For this reason, koi fish tattoos are very popular with people who desire good fortune and the strength to overcome obstacles.

What many don’t consider is that legends of fairies go back hundreds of years, if not longer. Several Chinese and Japanese myths, stories, fables, and legends have mentioned the strength and longevity of koi fish. Usually these are multi-shaded in hues of yellow, golden, and orange, since these colors are the typical colors of the koi fish. Multi-colored koi tattoos combined with small flames or a small picture of a sea wave are few excellent ideas for flaunting Japanese tattoo art on your forearm. Many Japanese men have inked themselves with a single large koi fish design all over their back. A single-colored koi fish leaping over the sea waves with a crescent-shaped moon is also a lovely idea.
According to one Japanese legend, if a koi fish could successfully climb a waterfall, it would be transformed into a dragon. These small, human-like creatures are often said to symbolize a love and respect for nature. In many of these legends, Koi fish are transformed into dragons and can climb waterfalls, through continuous effort and persistence. However, there are many more interesting ideas that can look mesmerizing on your skin, if colored well. Men can combine a large koi fish with a giant monster and style it as if the koi fish is fighting with the monster.
While considering this one, make sure your tattoo artist uses dark colors like black, gray, and dark purple to make it look like a night scene.

Koi tattoo symbols represent consistency in the time of hardships and strength of character with a purpose.
It represents your ability to fight against all odds which is one of the most meaningful thoughts behind a tattoo. If you use colors like yellow and orange, this tattoo would look meaningless since it should have a starry night look to it. Legend has it that if a koi succeeded in climbing the waterfalls at a point called the Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would get transformed into a dragon. Whether you get it tattooed for its deep meaning or its charming beauty and longevity, it will always remind you of the courage you are supposed to have while leading your own life full of happiness as well as hardships. They are basically carp fish tattoo designs and can be inked in many hues of gold and yellow. If you are considering getting a large design, please make sure that the scales and fins of the koi fish are made with extra details. The koi fish represents fearlessness in its journey through the ocean, which reminds us of human sufferings through the journey of life.
If you are considering a small tattoo, you can combine and customize it with a small message. Moreover, getting it inked in Japanese script would make it look authentic, and also add to the Asian charm that it already has.

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