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Justin Bieber’s koi fish tattoo is inked in black and white, like most of his other tattoos, and features a traditional koi fish with some pretty ornate detail.
In some cases – like Justin’s owl tattoo – is takes quite a bit of digging, but the meaning of a koi fish tattoo is actually pretty straightforward. For most people, koi fish represent good luck or good fortune, which Justin Bieber could probably use a bit of considering all the trouble he has found himself in lately. We already know that the Biebs considers himself something of a pop prince – thanks to his crown chest tattoo – so maybe he is now aspiring to be the king of pop.

Judging by all the drama he has stirred up recently, including some mishaps with the paparazzi, a monkey and being called a spoiled brat by his London tattoo artist, a little koi fish good fortune could be just what Justin Bieber needs!Just Keep Swimming!Because of ancient legends involving a koi fish being able to swim upstream, the direction the fish is facing in a koi tattoo can actually have a bearing on the meaning of the tattoo. In most cases, if the koi fish is depicted as swimming upstream, the meaning could represent the wearer struggling against a hardship in his or her life.
If the koi is swimming downstream, however, the meaning of the tat could be that the person has already overcome an obstacle and is now enjoying easier times. Because of the way Justin Bieber’s koi fish tattoo is inked, with the tail in the lower left and the head in the upper right, it appears that the singer has found himself swimming against the current these days.

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