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TweetDaisies are a cheerful flower and they look really nice, so it’s no surprise that someone who is looking for a flower tattoo would choose the daisy.
I don’t know if you can help me but you seem like a person who not only knows latin but knows how to put a phrase together in latin so it can make sense. Hi, I also want to get a tatoo in Latin but I’m having a hard time finding a correct translation. My grandma died last year and ever since I wanted a tattoo saying a phrase she used to say….. Sure, someone could get the English translation tattooed on their bodies, but then no one would have a reason to ask about your tattoo.

Latin phrases denoting deep expressions, emotions or name of a loved one are popular when it comes to tattoo choices. Latin quotes not only draw attention by how they look, but people often want to know what it means. The thing is that I wanted it translate but so it means what I explain to you, if you can help Ill be so grateful with you. Latin phrases on topics like life, existence, dream, hardships and struggle mostly feature on such tattoos.
Having a nice Latin quote tattoo that stands out will look amazing and can be very personal to the person wearing it.

Frequently used phrases in this type of tattoo are: ‘carpe diem’ which means seize the day, ‘luceat lux vestra’ which means let your light shine, ‘temet nosce’ which means know thyself, ‘veritas lux mea’ which means truth is my light, ‘veni, vidi, vici’ which means “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

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