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Lastly, it doesn’t cost you anything to do the first trial… where is the downside? So you want to make a website, whether for income (whether main source or extra), to share your knowledge with people in your shoes or help people who  are in shoes you have been in.
There is an immense community of people who want to help, have been where you are, and honestly, if your question doesn’t get answered withing a few minutes, that means it stumped everyone and they are probably researching the answer.
So, if you decide to take a leap and sign up for free, you will learn the fundamentals on how to build a website free! Good luck in your searches and adventures and I wish you the best of luck no matter what direction you go.
First, we can work every day of our life for our employer and hope we can do well enough for ourselves to retire comfortably, enjoy the hard work we have done to get to where we are, and hope it is enough. That being said, please do not think this is a free ride, doesn’t take work, time, effort because it does.
Best of luck, check out my other site, leave me a comment, leave me feedback, give me topics to talk about, whatever it may be. I work for a construction company, I make my company money, but yet my salary doesn’t change, whether I work 70 hours or 30 hours. I honestly wanted to share my experiences with my ever evolving learning of the stock market and investing.

All you have to do is take 30 seconds to fill in a little information (and I mean a little), just CLICK HERE!
It is still hard work, based on a 30 year old, we need $2.5 million dollars to retire for a $70k salary. Either way, know it will take time, not instant, but it is fun to try and do it, and ultimately, if you can make a few bucks on it, perfect. I have covered this in other blogs, but to see your site evolve, getting the best teaching possible, and hopefully making a few bucks while you do is, well FUN!!! But supplemental income helps get you to where you need to be and there is a lot to say for hard work and earning an honest day’s living, for not expecting a hand out which seems to be the new thing here in our country.
I don’t want to do it for free, but if I do, then at least I hope I helped someone along the way. First thing I came across, Wealthy Affiliate.  It takes hard work, but it is definitely fun and interesting.
Nothing can hurt for free, if you think it is too much work, then don’t keep going, simple as that. If you like it and want to know more you can keep going, if not, you still have your domain, you still have your website, and can go from there. I usually try to make sure I reply within 24 hours, so please leave me feedback, questions, comments, ect.

I know we all dream of making the easy dollar, who wouldn’t like to win the lottery, inherit a fortune, or just be the guy who somehow comes up with the next big craze. Either way, this isn’t supposed to be a lecture, but there is something to say for working hard to get where you are and achieve what you have. And please don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but it is absolutely not my ideal situation. So, I read the review, then read another one, really focusing on unbiased reviews, not people trying to sell something.
We all would, and it makes sense, but it probably isn’t going to happen, so what are the options? I read 3 reviews from obviously unbiased (or as close as it could be) and I signed up literally for free.

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