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Some people have used the family crest and created a crown tattoo around it and these can be deeply meaningful to the person on a personal level. If you take a look at crown tattoo designs you will find that those that are most sought after are the ones that have a letter of the name of the person in it.
Since we are talking about the trend of crown tattoos having a single letter in them, in this case we will talk about one with the letter Z in it. With a great crown design and the proper designing of the letter B, this crown design looks very striking. This one is a really lovely crown design though the meaning of the design is not that clear, we can see that the design looks very striking due to the details in the design. The feet are the last place one would think of when on considers a crown tattoo, as the crown goes on the opposite end – the head.

In this tattoo the addition of the letters  the showing of a muscled man seems to be pointing towards a figure of authority. As you can see that there are numerous personal, historical, symbolic and even fantasy based crown tattoo designs that you can come up with.
This is not only due to the way they look but also the immense choices you have in terms of design when it comes to the crown tattoo design. In this article we will take a peep at all the design possibilities with regard to crown tattoos. To make it grand and for it to work well together one needs to ensure that both the crown design as well as the letter Z are created in style. Plus the design has been made more striking with the addition of the cross and the eye with a tear coming out of it.

You can either go for personal symbolism or go for true historic value as far as a crown tattoo is concerned. Not only are crowns the symbol of royalty, leadership and ultimate authority, but they can be made even more meaningful by adding other elements to the tattoo design. As you can see this design makes a better impact due to the more artistic rendition of the letter as well as the crown. The fact is a crown tattoo can be both striking to look at and have a lot of deep symbolic value.

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