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John was well on his way to becoming a draftsman in England when he happened to meet his mentor, Mick Kilgallon. When your order qualifies for a bonus gift, your shopping cart will display a green bar at the top. Bonus gift downloads are stored in your Account Manager along with your purchased fonts so that you may download them again in the future.
After several painstaking hours, this beautiful hand-drawn Stock Certificate Seal is ready for your text. Type your text on the ribbon and pair with LHF Monogram Circle for a classic and personalized design.
Vector Ribbon 3  (Free with any purchase of $99 or more) This classic ribbon will make your design stand out. From the hand of John Davis get two elegant formal fonts, perfect for designs requiring an air of sophistication.

Inspired by lettering seen on old stock certificates these two fonts are bold and commanding. Get over 130 hand-drawn Thes & Ands, expertly crafted and ready to enhance your designs.
Download this package of decorative fonts and hand drawn panels from Mike Jackson for only $45.80 each. Five fonts that will prove to be indispensable when designing stock certificate themed designs.
This package includes 5 bold fonts perfect for replicating turn-of-the-century fire truck lettering.
This collection of 5 unique Victorian-era fonts are sure to be indispensable when replicating period designs.
This package is perfect when you're working with retro designs or just want to add a retro or Art Deco touch!

Instead, Omega users may wish to use an alternate program to type the characters and import them into Omega as .eps files.
So, as our way of saying thanks for your business, we're happy to offer you a choice of the bonus gifts below. Confection Essentials is comprised of 67 different ornamental panels, scrolls and frames that perfectly compliment Confection. Today he is an expert gold-leaf and glass artist, producing exquisite works of art using traditional techniques handed down by the masters. LHF Monogram Circle Borders contains a variety of borders and backgrounds to use with the letters.

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