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The zodiac of Libra is unique in the fact that it is symbolized by neither a human for nor an animal.
A person born under the zodiac sign Libra is known to be very balanced and just in his or her thoughts. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Teddy Bear Tattoos, Lea Michele Tattoos, Tiki Tattoos and Traditional Rose Tattoos. Just a simple design of the Libra zodiac sign looks really great in this tiny wrist tattoo.
Tattooing the word “Libra” is the easiest way to show how proud you are of your zodiac sign. Simply significant is what you feel when you see this simple Libra tattoo in bold dark shades.
This is a simple yet artistic combination of the Libra and Virgo zodiac signs that is worth copying.
This bright Libra tattoo, with the lady holding a balance, is a very artistic design worth imitating. A fire-breathing dragon carrying a balance is a very unusual form of Libra tattoo but looks great. Using tribal tattoo style to form the Libra design is a very creative idea and looks great. The scale and sword in this classy tattoo is the typical Libra design for judgment and justice. The Libra tattoo and tribal tattoo combine together to create a very artistic effect that’s worth copying.

The design of the Libra zodiac embedded in the Sun makes this a very creative and classy tattoo.
The lady holding the sword and the balance in this Libra tattoo have been designed to look very trendy. The geometric shapes that form the Libran scale look more like a classy and artistic tribal tattoo. This deliberately simple Libra tattoo looks great because of its bold lines and dark shades. This Libra tattoo has classic shading and intricate lines, making it a tattoo worth imitating.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. This site brings you some of the finest Libra tattoo designs that are available on the internet. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Ruled by the planet Venus, this sign is associated with beauty, femininity, balance, justice, art and creativity. Despite not having the advantage of it being human or animal, the zodiac sign can be designed to look nice. People born under this sign (between September 23rd and October 23rd) are known to love fine clothes, jewelry and ornate surroundings.
A pair of scales that part of our everyday mundane life have a lot of symbolism as they also hold the sense of balance or even justice.In fact the Lady Justice is shown with a pair of scales in her hand while her eyes are blindfolded.

They are also known to be fair, kind, diplomatic and sensual, sometimes tending to overindulge in pleasurable experiences.
This is to signify that she imparts justice only based on the facts presented to her without letting even what she sees affect her. Individuals born under this sign are quite outgoing and sociable, and love to create a nice impression. It is believed that people born under the sun sign of Libra are always trying to see both sides of any issue.
The Libra sign looks great on its own or when combined with other signs and designs as well. The most common tattoo symbol for the Librans is the scales, which can be depicted in various innovative designs. The fact is that we need a sense of balance in our lives where we have to make important decisions by weighing the pros and cons of any situation.Balance and harmony are important things that make the world function in a rational and logical manner.
From this point of view, a tattoo having a pair of scales in it makes a lot of sense and holds a lot of symbolism. What is more balance is what brings beauty into our lives and this is what the sign of Libra is about. Thank u ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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