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Hace ya casi un ano que decidi tatuarme, algo de lo que dicho sea de paso no me arrepiento, pero parece ser que decorarse el cuerpo con tinta se ha convertido en algo mas que una moda entre las modelos, ¡Es una adiccion! Las hay como Rosie Huntington Whiteley o Lily Cole que apenas se han atrevido con un pequeno corazon en la muneca, otras mas arriesgadas como la newcomer Anja Konstantinova han decidido tatuarse el interior del labio inferior, e incluso algunas como Christina Dietze, modelo y editora de la revista SCR783, se han tatuado la palma de la mano, uno de los lugares que segun afirman los expertos es mas doloroso tatuarse. Almost a year ago I decided to tattoo my right wrist, something about I don’t repent, but it seems that decorating the body with ink is more than a trend among models, it is an addiction! Some of them like Rosie Huntington Whiteley or Lily Cole have only dared with a small heart on their wrists, there are others like the newcomer Anja Konstantinova that have decided to tattoo the internal side of her mouth’s lower lip, and even, some of them like Christina Dietze, model and editor of the SCR783 magazine, have tattooed their palms, a part of the body that as the experts say, is more painful to get inked. And yes, all the tattoos posted here are real, they are not fake or drawn for an editorial! Hello, I'm Mai!A 22 year old daydreamer, optimist, shopaholic, time waster and student who thinks that style is something indescribable we have inside and which is shown by fashion to the rest of the world, and loves strawberries, sunny days and fresh breeze near the sea.
Lily Cole is an English model by profession, who has also made her name in the acting field.
There are just two tattoo reports about the girl, where the media sources mention that she, at first, has a script written on right side of her left foot.

It is said that the quotation is taken from Victor Hugo’s 19th Century tale The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The girl was born in 1988, and was entered in modeling world accidentally through Benjamin Hart.
Some have also posted pictures of this gothic script as well, which is written in Latin language and which reads ‘ut apes geometrium’.
Recently, she had also dyed her flame red hair to jet black before going back to Cambridge University for the last time.
She was just a 14 year old school going girl, when she was offered a modeling chance by Benjamin Hart, which she accepted.
She is confused between acting and modeling and does not really know whether she should quit modeling to focus more on acting. It was after that first modeling experience that she started receiving invitations from other modeling agencies.
Like many other actresses and models who like to engrave designs on their wrists and arms, she has also made a little heart on her right wrist.

Today, she is known in media as a supermodel, who has worked many renowned brands like Vogue, Christian Lacroix, Prada, Jean Paul, Citizen K, V and Dazed. El de Caroline Murphy, tan enorme, me ha sorprendido, la verdad.Yo algunos pequenos, los veo muy bonitos. No tengo ninguno, aun no he encontrado la imagen que me guste tener de por vida pintada en la piel, pero nunca se sabe:)Mua!!
Pero reconozco que algunos me parecen un poco gilipollez, pero bueno para gustos colores, desde luego yo opino que te tienes que hacer algo cno lo que te sientas identificado, no hacerte un tatuaje por moda y demas, y lo digo yo q llevo cuatro jaja.

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