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This beautiful flower has a pattern that looks like the design on a tiger – that is orange with black dots. They help in bringing out one’s religious tastes as they represent the Holy Spirit and on the other side they also symbolize hope and peace. Many a traveler along the roads of America have been delighted by the sight of these flowers.This lovely color combination has inspired many people to have a tattoo featuring this flower.

The best way to have a dove inked these days is to combine both of the meanings and give your body a sexy plus meaningful feel.
The tiger lily is also known as a symbol of honor and riches and some cultures around the world consider it a symbol of love and kindness.
To make your decision simpler, below is a list of 15 sweet dove tattoos, just go through it and make your choice.
The colors of the tiger lily by themselves also represent energy, adventure and a sense of balance. The best part is that a dove tattoo will seldom let you down, just choose the right artist and the right design. Combine that with the vivid colors of the flower along with the inherent sturdiness of this lovely flower and the symbolism behind this flower, you have a winning combination for a tattoo design.When you are going in for a tiger lily tattoo do not be limited by simple and straightforward depictions of the flower, though these are beautiful too.

You can and should explore more creative ways that this flower can be used in your tattoo design. Talk to the tattoo artist and take the time to do some research on the choices available to you and then make your choice.

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