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Actually, female lions do all the hunting, and the males sit around waiting for them to bring the food in — it’s a common misconception! Lion tattoo designs have become one of the famous types of tattoos that many men are known to tattoo themselves with and they are quite common in African, Eastern and European cultures .The lion tattoo designs are usually done on the upper part of the body especially arms and backs and their symbolism are known to widely vary widely from culture to culture. The main reason why people decide to tattoo their bodies with lion tattoos is that they are essentially known to represent courage and power in many men or authority and ferocity.
Lion tattoos are also widely associated with Buddhists as they tend to believe that their lord Buddha could essentially be compared to a lion tattoo as it tends to symbolize wisdom of a higher spiritual power and it was essentially believed that Buddha sat on a lion. The lion tattoo can be as big as one wants and one should go with a professional tattoo artist in order to get the best tattoo design and the lion tattoo can bear teeth or can be very calm depending on one’s tempers .A unique and quality lion tattoo is known to consist of different colors for the mouth skin nose and eyes. The main reason for which men bear marks called tattoos on their body is that it shows their nature fully. The men who are strong in the nature that they have, the lion tattoo designs are the perfect one. Lion Tattoo Design is one of the tattoo ideas listed in the Tattoo Designs & Fonts category. The lion has no natural predators, and generally only has to watch out for other lions and humans who would like to do the animal harm. They rarely back down from a fight unless lives in their pack are actually endangered, and are often very territorial with their land.
Lions themselves are unbelievably strong, and tattooing a lion on ones self can represent how strong an individual may be.

Lion tattoos are usually tattooed in very strategic places where other people can be able to see them as with people who go with this set of tattoos are known to command lots of pride.
Most of the people would certainly say that, men do it in order to get the attention of girls!
The lion tattoo designs, which in itself is a symbol of strength and perseverance, can every well be depicted with the body of a man showing the strength that he has enclosed within his heart. Lions, historically have been depicted as the kings of the jungle, since they are at the top of the food chain and often have no natural predators. Other animals in the animal kingdom will take long routes around a lions territory if they know that they are near.
These tattoos are often designed with the lion doing some sort of death defying act, or being locked in battle. Broad shoulders and backs are one of the best places on the body of a man to have a lion tattoo designs!
It is way more common for someone to tattoo a male lion on themselves, rather than a female lion.
This is a great way to represent the strength of the lion, as this is when the lion displays it the most. Well, however this might be the reason for some men doing tattoos on their body, but this is not the main reason in most of the cases. The designs can be innovated extensively in order to ensure that they add to the image of the person and enhance it!

There are a number of reasons why this may be true, but the most commonly accepted reason is that the male lion is considerably stronger than the female lion, and often is the leader of the pack. I would rather rectify myself and say that is not the complete reason for which men get tattoos on them. Some people go as far as to animate the scene several times on the body from the stalking all the way to the kill.
For some men, tattooing is still an act of pride and at the same time an act, which shows their nature. One tattoo idea is to tattoo an entire jungle scene on a large area of the body, such as the back. Rather this is one of the oldest art forms that can actually date back right to the centuries when civilizations were just at the budding stage.
This scene may include a lion stalking its pray from the bush, which can be a number of different animals from zebras, to elephants, gazelles or even hippos. This tattoo would require a large amount of space, time, and commitment, but it is one idea to represent the king of the jungle in a creative way.

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