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The lower back region is a perfect spot to flaunt a stylish tattoo as it gives you the options of showing your tattoo off among your friends and keep it hidden whenever necessary. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
Skin art is usually a received taste, If you have made decision to get inked then the thing need to be considered on priority is where you want the design on your body. Where you get the tattoo is also a matter of choice, though there are some considerations to it. Here are 11 best tattoo design and ideas that you could consider if you look forward to get inked. The lower back is a popular place with the ladies and is also often suggested by artists and doctors. Mystical animals like dragons blowing fire or unicorns will do justice to your feminine personality. Famous sayings and quotes from ancient scriptures or famous personalities are also very eye catching. Celtic designs like a cross, rose or a full on Celtic pattern around a body part that remains uncovered is also a great tattoo idea.
Egyptian tablets and Egyptian inscriptions are also good considerations for tattoo designs.
Scary designs like barbed wires, bikers, demons, symbols of Evil, dragons, eagles and symbols of wizardry were all a macho thing once but with time they are rising in popularity with females also. Stars, planets and associated symbols like Horoscope symbols are also among favorite for women. Also referred to as a “tramp stamp”, a tattoo design on the lower back often follows the line of a G-string bikini across the top of the hips. Because they are usually inked on women, lower back tattoos tend to be the traditional feminine images such as butterflies, hearts, and flowers. It’s not surprising that 20 percent of females with tats within the age range of 18 to 40 have one on their lower back. Alternatively, the tattoo can also be carefully hidden by clothes if the woman chooses not to display it. The lower back is also a part of the body which usually does not change significantly with age and weight variations. It is really an incredibly feminine and attractive location for women who wish to boost their image and appearance.

If you would like a tattoo that shows a smooth and sexy style, the following are a few layout ideas that you may possibly consider to get that exclusive lower back tattoo design that will be ideal for you. A Coiling Snake – symbolic of the interior strength and energy in which some folks think is possessed by the lower back.
Traditional Tribal Design – this really is probably the most widely used variation that ladies choose for their lower backs. Dragon – this can be an alternative icon involving intrinsic energythat might look clean and attractive since the design seems to jump out of the lower back. Specifically ambitious women who really want to transform their appearance directly into something striking and exciting will use a one of a kind lower back tattoo design. Lower back tattoos originally gained popularity among women who love to have a cute animal picture or pretty symbol tattooed on their lower back. They can be combined with variety of other designs like flowers and stars creating beautiful tattoos.
A tattoo on the lower back may be less painful, yet it will definitely accentuate the women’s curves.
One other popular reason for lower back being preferred is that getting tattoos on the lower back is a lot less painful compared to other parts. Though people mostly associate feminine qualities with butterflies, the design and color selection of the tattoo can give it a really wild look.
The motif has been associated with love and women for centuries and people are still crazy about it. You can quote bible or other scriptures from around the globe like Bhagwad Gita of Hinduism or the Quran.
You can get a Celtic design around your collarbone, on your neck, around the navel area or any other body part that you are comfortable with being uncovered.
Each of these animals has associated meanings and add a unique virtue to your tattoo design.
Most people find there is something very sensual about this area, particularly on a woman’s body.
Indeed, the most popular designs are horizontal with an image at the center surrounded on either side by stems with leaves or a line of graphics.
They are also tattooed on different parts of the body, but one of the most popular place is certainly lower back, and it is especially popular amongst younger women.
Women also love getting inked on their neck and shoulders, places where they can show off their tattoos.

The skin and nerves around most body parts is sensitive and hence getting a tattoo there will be painful. An arrow stricken heart is very popular tattoo design and has a lot of variation in color and designs. Other designs that are worth trying are the Sphinx or simply vampire fangs, if you like them. Incidentally, the majority of people who opt for a tattoo only on the lower back (as opposed to all over the back) are females. Then again, some women opt for inking only one side of their lower back and having the design curve around to the front part of the waist, or having a simple image applied to the middle of the lower back. Though people often attach some notions to the place where a woman gets her tattoo, the women should not worry about them if she is getting a tattoo.
However, getting one on the lower back can be quite gentle, as the skin area around that part is not as sensitive. A butterfly and a flower combination is one of the oldest patterns yet it has never gone wrong and can always add a wild yet feminine touch to your overall personality, if you flaunt it. If you want something a bit different, consider a personalized tribal design, a snake or other animal with a long body, beautifully colored peacock feathers, or the Harley Davidson winged logo.
Other preferred body parts for getting inked, amongst women are ankles, heels, navel, chest area around the collar bones, though some may choose other unconventional places also. Lower back is also an alternative to getting inked on a really bony part like collarbones, ribs, foot or ankles, where a good enough fleshy cover on the lower spine reduces the pain down to a deep, yet dull, scratching sensation. Deciding on the tattoo that suits your personality, or captures your imagination is then a matter of going through your options and looking out for suggestions from good artists and friends. Another advantage to a lower back tattoo is that most people do not gain weight in that exact area, so body art there will not be prone to stretch out or shift position. Remember that a tattoo is a statement of personal expression and therefore the design and location of tattoo should be where you want it, and not inspired by anyone else.

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