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Confirm that you are creating an Apple ID for the use in the Malaysia iTunes Store by looking at the line above the Terms of Service.
This tutorial is for the Malaysia iTunes Store specifically but you can tweak it accordingly if you require a different country store.
If i created a non malaysia id in my ipad and start download free apps, later in future when i wan to buy any paid apps, can i still use the same id? Select malaysia as country no matter where you live and make sure you are installing a free app and not a paid one.
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Certain apps will also not be able to get updated if they are available on the App store of one country and not another. While most of the stuff in the Malaysia version of App Store and iTunes require you to purchase with a credit card before downloading, there are tons more quality content that are free such as games, books, movie trailers and so on. Let’s go a bit further from here and see what downloading+installing an app looks like.
Ok everyone, we managed to replicate the problem but the iTunes (on your computer) method works just fine as far as we can tell.
Could u please help me maverick I really do need ur help please respond as quick as u can !!!!!!!

The problem is when we try to Change one account we already hve sign in before… its just impossible to get the none option, you can test creating one account without choose none as option and sign out… when you try sign in after that its impossible to do it!!
I do not haveĀ a credit card (my iPad 2 was a gift) and had problems creating an Apple ID as I could not find the NONE option. You can try our other tutorial which guides you to create an ID for use with a different country’s store. If u wanna use ur debit card u have to register with ur bank to use it for Internet transaction. I tried multiple times with failure but then I selected free app to download as fiber then redo all the process all over again and although I’m from Malaysia, I selected US instead just to see if it I’ll help and make any different, you kno what?? If you had a credit card, this would be where you would select your card type and enter the relevant details. We also hope this alternative way of creating the Apple ID solves the issue for those who are unable to do it straight on the iPad.
However, a red statement pop up saying – pls contact itunes support to complete this transaction.
Country association permits access for apps or contents that are region or country specific.
Similarly, changing the country or region in the App store will cause a modification with respect to iTunes as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to purchase products from the App Store of the country in question. To solve this problem, you need to change the country back to the original country linked with the download or sale.

A status bar below it will indicate the process until it is done downloading and installing. However, if you happen to use the US iTunes Store, we have a 2 Part Guide for setting up an Apple ID and using the gift cards. Now when i want to download application using iPhone or iPad it ask me to verify the billing information again. You can also switch countries within iTunes accounts that have been established without a credit card. The problem is when once i input the cvv information and touch DONE , it’s telling me i must enter at least 3 character for State in the billing detail.
Switching to another country or region is useful for those p who are viewing, purchasing or downloading items on another country.
Firstly there is no field called state, so i assume it’s country since that is highlighted in Red. The app should start downloading indicating your new Apple ID works without needing a credit card.

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